Trudeau Government Looks At Storing Secret Canadian Data On U.S. Servers

Consideration of putting government data on U.S. servers is strange, since it’s a violation of government policy, and could expose the data to the U.S. Patriot Act.

Despite government policy explicitly forbidding the storage of sensitive Canadian data on non-Canadian servers, it appears the Trudeau government is doing exactly that.

This is especially ironic since the policy banning such a move was passed by the Trudeau government.

According to a recent report“Two government agencies have been meeting with Microsoft Inc. to discuss ways to store secret Canadian data on American servers, a measure expressly forbidden by federal policy. Microsoft’s talks this year with Shared Services Canada and the Communications Security Establishment reviewed whether sensitive data about Canadians and other confidential matters could be securely encrypted on American “cloud” services.”

Such a move could expose Canadian companies to the U.S. Patriot Act, which would be an absurd situation for our country to be placed in.

While this is certainly not as bad as how Trudeau let sensitive Canadian national security companies get bought by China, it’s still a bad move.

Sensitive Canadian government data should be stored on Canadian servers – with no exceptions. Our nation must have control over our own data.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Breaking the rules and his own party rules, that’s Trudeau. A man who cant think further than 1 day ahead and cant think further than his nose (that is a say in French). I would think that Canada has Canadian cloud services. Every step Trudeau makes gets disapproval from Canadians. How did he ever learn to walk

Rosemary Madden

This man is dangerous he has absolutely bi idea what he’s doing. My questions would be who is behind him, or is he coming up with these ideas all by himself – DOUBTFUL in view of his lack of concrete evidence of any type of substantial employment records.

jack grandville

Rosemary, I think by now we all know ‘who is behind him.’ Not only is it: “Doubtful in view of his lack of any type of substantial employment records,” it is even more doubtful in view of his obvious lack of mature thought processes and loyal and beneficial actions toward Canada.


jack grandville

This is without a doubt just another reason why this person should be, in my view, arrested and charged with treason. How many acts against Canada and Canadian citizens does he actually have to make before that reality sets in? Are his acts not a definition or treason? I would have to say that my dictionary defines them that way.