VIDEO: Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer Press Conference

As the Conservative Caucus retreat in Winnipeg came to an end, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer held a press conference where he discussed the Energy East Pipeline, the border, Trudeau’s attack on small businesses, and other issues.

On the pipeline, Scheer noted that “The Energy East Pipeline is about nation building. It would connect and grow our economy for all Canadians. Now, thanks to Justin Trudeau, yet another major job-creating project hangs in limbo.”

Watch the press conference below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook Screengrab

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We want the election model for Ontario that does not get Trudeau in. That’s what we want. We want pipelines across Canada. We want prosperity.


why does what this guy Andrew Scheer is saying not make sense to EVERYONE ?? is there any sense at all to Liberal thinking ???


Andrew Scheer will be prime minister when the globalists say he will. Remember Preston Manning? That was the last prime minister we got to elect (if we even got to elect him). They haven’t taken any chances since then. Same in the States. Same in Britain.


Globalist are the elites and they want to control the world…they desperately need to be stopped…..there will next to zero manufacturing jobs in this country…Trudeau is a traitor to this country…..Free trade with China will kill thousands of jobs…. Why do we need to wait another 2 years to kick Trudeau out!!!!!What he is doing is treason in my opinion!!

jack grandville

We want and we need commons sense, adherence to our laws, respect of the country, respect for all Canadians, a properly enforceable and enforced immigration system, we need recognition of the realities of international treaties and agreements — all of which should be based on fundamental respect for Canadian values — limited government powers as they affect the daily lives of Canadians — honesty in government which is embarrassingly absent today — one could go on, but why bother? Even the above would be an improvement in our government.