HYPOCRITES: Trudeau Government Has Deported Hundreds Of People To Dangerous War-Torn Nations

Far different from Trudeau’s fake global image.

While the Trudeau government continues to craft their virtue-signalling image for the global press, more evidence has emerged that the truth is far different.

With much of the media focused on how “welcoming” Trudeau has been by refusing to secure Canada’s border and acting in a way that encourages illegal border crossings, it turns out that the government has deported hundreds of people to dangerous, war-torn nations.

According to a report, “Canada has deported hundreds of people to countries designated too dangerous for civilians, with more than half of those people being sent back to Iraq, according to government data obtained by Reuters.”

The deportations took place under both the Harper and Trudeau governments, but have actually increased under Trudeau when it comes to the deportations of people to Iraq.

According to Reuters, there were 22 deportations to Iraq in 2014, 51 in 2016, and 35 so far this year.

Ironically, this increased rate of deportations to Iraq took place as many criticized the United States government for seeking to deport more people to that country.

This means that while people are coming in illegally from a safe country (the U.S.), Trudeau is sending people back to a dangerous one. I guess there aren’t enough TV cameras covering that one.

Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with deportations. Our country gets to decide who is allowed in and who is not allowed in to our nation. The issue here is how the Trudeau governments image is once again revealed as a hypocritical fraud.

There is little discussion of this in much of the Canadian media, segments of which often seem more focused on bolstering Trudeau’s image than in providing relevant context.

Had the Harper government increased the deportations of individuals to Iraq, they would be widely condemned – including by the Liberals. When Trudeau does it, it’s mostly silence.

This double standard is why it’s essential to get the truth out by other avenues, to ensure Canadians have a full picture of what’s really going on.

Spencer Fernando