Trudeau Let China Icebreaker Travel Through Canada’s Northwest Passage Under False Pretenses

The Trudeau government says it was “scientific research,” but China says they used it to scout trade routes through the Canadian Northwest Passage.

It appears the Trudeau government is trying to deceive Canadians about why a Chinese ship traveled through our Northwest Passage.

The Globe & Mail has reported that “China’s official government news agency says Beijing used a scientific icebreaker voyage through Canada’s Northwest Passage to test the viability of sailing Chinese cargo ships through the environmentally fragile route that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.”

However, the Trudeau government – who gave China permission for the passage – is claiming it was a scientific mission. As noted in the report, “Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s office said last week that Canada granted its approval on the basis that China was conducting scientific research. A team of Canadian scientists were also on board as well as a Canadian navigator.”

So, either the Trudeau government was tricked by China, or the government is lying to Canadians. Both of those possibilities are bad, and based upon their past history letting China take over Canadian companies, it’s more likely the Trudeau government is lying.

If it’s China who lied, then the government must issue a public condemnation of the deception. But given Trudeau’s pathetic weakness towards China, don’t expect that to happen.

Trudeau government deception

The Trudeau government surely knows that Canadians would oppose the idea of China being allowed to scout out sensitive Canadian waters (especially as the Trudeau government puts more restrictions on Canadian industry). So, they decided to say it was for “scientific research”, which is easier to sell to the public.

All of this comes as China is making more aggressive economic moves.

Arctic expert Rob Heubert told the Globe & Mail that China is gearing up for a big expansion of shipping in the north, and says Canada must increase our capability in that region.

“We need to get the Arctic patrol vessels built”, said Heubert. “We need to get the Coast Guard better funded and we need the facilities for better surveillance and enforcement capability.” 

Yet, while other nations expand their arctic power, the Trudeau government is ignoring that region. While the Harper government didn’t do much, Harper at least did the minimum by making yearly visits to the region as a way to assert our sovereignty. Trudeau hasn’t even done that.

Instead, he’s deceiving Canadians and helping China promote their trade agenda, at the expense of our sovereignty.

Canada must build up our arctic forces

Canada must have the ability to decide who can and can’t enter our territory, and we must have the means to assert our sovereignty. That means military power. We must have tens of thousands of troops stationed in the north, heavily armed icebreakers, military bases, airbases, and ports. This would be expensive, but it would be a massive infrastructure project creating many jobs, and asserting our control of a region full of immense potential wealth. Our leaders must stop serving the interests of other nations, and take a clear and decisive step to assert our authority over the arctic.

Spencer Fernando


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