China May Reject Oil Embargo On North Korea

As the United States seeks an oil embargo on North Korea, in addition to imposing a travel and financial ban on Kim Jong Un, there are reports that China may reject such a move.

Since the U.S. is pushing the sanctions in the U.N. Security Council, the opposition by China (and possibly Russia), to the sanctions would block them from passing.

As Choi Kang – VP of Research at The Asan Institute for Policy Studies said on CNBC, if the oil embargo is rejected, North Korea may think that no matter what “China will be on our side. We can go all the way. Maybe the next step will be an ICBM test with a nuclear warhead.” 

This is another reminder that China has been – and remains – the chief enabler of the North Korean regime. While China has immense leverage over North Korea, they have refused to use it. Many believe that China fears a North Korea unified under the capitalist & democratic South Korean government allied with the United States, and would prefer the Kim Jong Un regime remains in power.

It should be noted that a U.N. report found that much of North Korea’s income was generated through the outsourcing of slave labour. Tens of thousands of North Korean citizens are sent to work in China (smaller numbers in other countries in the region) as slaves, and the money they generate is remitted to the North Korean regime.

In many cases, the slaves work 20 hours per day, without adequate food. While China knows the practice is taking place, they have refused to end it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube