Ontario Liberals Pot Plan Panned

The worst possible combination of bad ideas.

As the provinces prepare for the legalization of marijuana, Ontario’s Liberal government has unsurprisingly taken the most controlling, bureaucratic position possible.

Their plan to sell marijuana only from stores heavily-regulated by the government is being panned.

As noted by the Canadian press, “Clients and advocates of storefront dispensaries say buying marijuana exclusively from stores regulated by Ontario’s provincial government will mean fewer options for medicinal users, little progress on eliminating the black market, and worse weed.”

Ontario plans to sell marijuana similar to how alcohol is sold, and sales will be controlled by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

One medicinal marijuana user was unhappy that the plan “is essentially a full government monopoly”.

Ironically, despite the stated intention of Trudeau to legalize marijuana to reduce the influence of the black market, many believe the Ontario Liberal plan will do the opposite.

With expectations that quality will be low and prices will be high, many people will just keep buying illegally. Additionally, most of the stores are expected to be concentrated in the GTA, meaning many will just go to a dealer instead.

Decentralized approach would be far better

With marijuana legalization an impending reality, the question is what system is best for managing it. The idea of adding more bureaucracy is foolish when there are already dispensaries that provide the product. Those dispensaries often have knowledgeable workers, and a known-clientele. It would be far easier, and far more damaging to the black market, to simply let those stores sell the product, while conducting rotating inspections to ensure they are following the law.

Yet, that approach wouldn’t let the Ontario Liberals create a massive new government-controlled bureaucracy, so they would never go in that direction. Once again, Ontario residents will be paying the price for the Liberals obsession with big government control.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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It is now a standard fact for Canadians to learn and conclude that what Liberals do and introduce only brings the opposite result of what they say or claim they intend…!! how magnanimous an administration !!


Just one more failure


I also see it as more unionized workers for Wynne to get votes from. Higher wages for us to pay. Less jobs for those who need a foot in the door.

jack grandville

Same old, same old — another ‘pie in the sky’ Liberal approach — notwithstanding pocketing all so much money in the deal. Now the only question is: What will be the approach when suddenly there are increased automobile accidents perhaps caused by being high on marijuana? And, what is the criteria for making that determination and at what level of government? Of course, it is more than likely that many such accidents have occurred over time, but that is one thing we will never know. My personal feelings are that this is perhaps an appropriate time in our history to… Read more »