Trudeau Is Inflicting Immense Damage Upon Canada’s Energy Industry

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government are systematically weakening the foundation of Canada’s prosperity.

Writing in the Financial Post, columnist Claudia Cattaneo makes clear how much damage Trudeau has done to the Canadian energy industry:

“The Northern Gateway pipeline ($7.9 billion), the Pacific Northwest LNG project ($36 billion), and now likely the Energy East pipeline ($15.7 billion) are three privately funded infrastructure projects that would have materially strengthened the economy for decades — and all were scuttled under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s watch in the past year.”

That’s a combined $59.6 billion in lost potential wealth in our country. Think of all the good that money could have done for Canadians.

It’s a devastating tally, and Cattaneo points out that the level of interference in the energy industry is akin to when Pierre Trudeau was in power.

It seems some things never change. When a Trudeau is in power, the Canadian energy industry suffers.

Cattaneo notes that the Energy East Pipeline is now in serious danger after “the National Energy Board’s unprecedented decision to widen its study of the project to include the upstream and downstream greenhouse gas impacts of the whole oil industry.”

Clearly, Trudeau wants the energy industry to suffer. He either doesn’t realize, or more likely doesn’t care, that if the energy industry suffers, all Canadians suffer.

To save Canada’s energy industry, Trudeau must be defeated

In order to save the Canadian energy industry, Justin Trudeau must be defeated, and replaced by a pro-Canadian energy government.

Even if that happens, there will still be lasting damage. Potential investors will have severe doubts, and 100,000 former energy industry workers will have spent years out of work. And that lost $59.6 billion in lost potential investment will be measured in jobs not created, schools, hospitals, and roads not built, and increased debt, deficits, and taxes.

This is what happens when a leader is loyal only to their globalist agenda, rather than the citizens of our nation. If Trudeau showed support for all Canadian industries, including the auto industry, the energy industry, and the aviation industry, Canadians would be brought closer together in our common goal of prosperity and economic success. Instead, Trudeau has sought to divide the country, rewarding some, and punishing others in his pursuit of global praise.

That’s not leadership, and the damage will felt for decades.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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That’s better!
Hold nothing back!
WE HAVE TO MAKE YOUTH understand what Trudeau is doing to their Country. I’d like to know what percentage of Canadian youth really love Canada. Because those who do would certainly turn against their hero JT. if they knew.
Also, the east coast went ALL RED at last election. Hopefully they realize what they’ve done! They’re begging for the Energy East pipeline program to go forward.

alan skelhorne

looks great on tehm, all because of dope.

Terra Nova

Oh, they will understand once the inflation will hit them hard.

Lian Walton

We did not all go red in the last election Ann – and i agree – we must find a way to make youth understand what this guy and the liberals are doing to this country , after all they voted him on the pot platform and to that I say ‘all that glitters is not gold’ – let’s just see how they like their ‘legalization’ .


Trudeau got elected because of Ontario and all those lazy non voters who did not show up for their duty. Trudeau is running Canada as a dictator and basically is copying Cuba, Venezuela. All countries that have abject poverty and mistreat their citizens. Trudeau is mistreating Canadians in every possible way. He is not a leader, he is a destroyer. He will leave a black mark on the country as his legacy, ten times worse than his father did. He will be called the “Doomsday PM”.

jack grandville

As with ‘daddy,’ ‘he’ is well aware of that — to suggest he ‘knows’ what is happening, is really stretching because he truly does not ‘know’ much about anything — as we are all well aware. The best Canadians can hope for at this moment in time is that he will never successfully be re-elected — that, in an of itself, would clearly spell the end of Canada.

jack grandville

To save Canada — period — Trudeau has to be defeated.