WATCH: Canadian Farmer Says Trudeau Tax Hike Is “Going To Really Hit My Family Farm Hard”

The massive tax hike being proposed by Justin Trudeau will have a devastating impact on Canada’s family farms.

More and more Canadian farmers are speaking out against the tax changes, trying to make the government aware of the severe damage that will be inflicted.

In the video below, a Canadian farmer explains that the tax changes aren’t just about the 1% as the government falsely claims, and discusses the struggles of running a family farm:

If you have trouble playing the video, click here

It’s time for the Trudeau government to start listening to the voices of Canadians, and reverse course on their dangerous tax hikes before Canadian farmers and countless small businesses are irreparably damaged.

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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jack grandville

You and I both know that that is in no way a worry of Trudeau’s and he will simply ignore any comments about those people and how they are immediately affected by his tax — this has an amazing comparison to Marie Antoinette’s comment about cake — eh?


Spencer, it would b nice to interview farmers and other small business owners to explain to the general public: the cost to set; the cost to employ; the owners own take home pay to support their families and so on. And most of all ‘why hasn’t the TRUDEAU LOVE-IN MEDIA have not taken the side of the public interview and so forth.
When people like you Spencer interview and let the public respond to their fear, eventually the public will take notice and most likely warn others of Justin’s disaster to the general public.


“It’s time for the Trudeau government to start listening to the voices of Canadians” We all know that will never happen. The Selfie Trudidiot is incapable of caring for Canada or Canadians. Trudeau, Morneau, McCallum, Iraq Khalid, Monsef, Butts, McKenna and the rest of the alt-leftists have no interest in the opinion of Canadians. I rather doubt if many Liberals have ever owned and operated a small business. The PRIME example is Trudeau, whose miniscule work experience is rumored to be as a “teacher”. He also claims some contact with a snowboard. No Liberal gives a damn what Canadians think… Read more »