REBUKE OF THE ELITES: Majority Of Canadians Want To DISCOURAGE Investment From China

A clear rejection of the dangerous economic agenda of Trudeau and the disloyal elites.

A new survey shows a majority of Canadians want to discourage investment from China, while supporting more investment from the United States, United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Here are some of the key results from the Angus-Reid survey:

  • 63% of Canadians want to encourage investment from the U.K.
  • 59% want to encourage investment from the E.U.
  • 57% want to encourage investment from the U.S.

However, when it comes to China, just 38% want to encourage investment from that country, with 62% wanting to discourage it.

The United Arab Emirates and Russia fare even worse in the survey, with 67% and 71% wanting to discourage investment from those countries respectively.

Far more say investment from China is bad than good

According to the survey, just 15% of Canadians say investment from China is “more good than bad”. 50% say it is “about equally good and bad”, and 35% say it is “more bad than good”.

Among those who see investment from China as a negative thing for Canada, the top concerns were that Canada needs to remain “in charge of our own economy” (52%), Chinese ownership “threatening our strategic interests and security” (31%), China’s “human rights issues/lack of democracy” (27%), and worries that Chinese investors will break Canada’s labour, environmental, and financial rules (25%). – (respondents could pick more than one).

Canadians say discouraging Chinese investment is worth the consequences to protect our companies from being taken over.

An interesting excerpt from Angus-Reid:

“Asked whether the potential economic consequences of discouraging Chinese investment in Canada would be “worth it” to achieve the goal of preventing Chinese takeovers of Canadian companies, a majority of Canadians (58%) choose this option over the alternative: that discouraging such investment is “not worth risking damage to the economic relationship between Canada and China.”’

This shows that – unlike the disloyal elites – the majority of the Canadian people put the protection of our country above selling out to China.

Ironic: Slim majorities of Canadians support investment from China in the sectors where they’re robbing us the most.

While the majority of Canadians want to discourage overall investment from China, slim majorities support it in a few sectors. Ironically, those sectors are manufacturing, retail, and technology. The irony is that those sectors are the ones in which China has systematically robbed our country. We’ve lost tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs because of China, our retail sector is flooded with their products, and they regularly steal the intellectual property of western technology firms.

The poll may point to Canadians wanting to see Canada get something in return from China, rather than let our country continue to be robbed.

Big majority want to discourage Chinese investment in resource extraction and healthcare

The survey shows that 68% of Canadians believe we should discourage China from investing in resource extraction in Canada, while 70% discourage China investing in our healthcare system.

A clear rebuke of the elites

The results of this survey – especially coming from a pollster seen by some as pro-Liberal – is a clear rebuke to Canada’s elites, and the Trudeau government.

With Trudeau and his Bay Street buddies (including Bill “Moneybags” Morneau), pushing for free trade with China, the Canadian people are clearly opposed to letting our country be sold out to that country.

For decades, the disloyal elites pushed a policy that valued open trade borders and foreign investment from cheap labour nations, which resulted in our nation being stripped of manufacturing jobs, a massive increase in national and personal debt, stagnant real wages, and a growing gap between a small wealthy elite and the rest of us.

There are opportunities here for both opposition parties in fighting back against the elitist pro-China agenda. The NDP can win many left-of-centre voters back from the Liberals by opposing Trudeau’s dangerous free trade agenda, and the Conservatives can win the support many middle-class and even-working class voters who may lean Conservative but see the party as still too linked to globalist economic thinking.

Scheer is off to a decent start by opposing Trudeau’s China “free trade” push, and by strengthening that opposition and making it a defining issue the Conservatives have a chance to reshape the political spectrum for a generation. Of course, if they play it safe – or worse, cave to the elitist consensus – the opportunity will be missed, and the betrayal of Canadians by the political class will be complete.

Spencer Fernando

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