CRAZY: Why Is A Canadian ISIS Fighter Talking To The Media Instead Of Sitting In Prison?

ISIS is an avowed enemy of Canada. Returning ISIS fighters should be jailed and charged with treason.

A recent CBC story on “Abu Huzaifa,” from Toronto who left Canada to join ISIS, discussed his experience serving as an ISIS enforcer in Syria.

Apparently, after emptying his bank account, travelling to Turkey and making his way to Syria, and spending five months with ISIS, “he realized it wasn’t what he signed up for and he decided to flee Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and head home.”

Now, he’s back in Canada.

Apparently, he has been questioned by both the RCMP and CSIS, but has not been charged. CSIS says it knows of about 60 “extremist travellers,” who have returned to Canada.

Enforcing Sharia Law

Abu Huzaifa says he helped enforce Sharia Law, stopping people from drinking or violating dress codes, and making sure “men and women didn’t mix.”

While Huzaifa was with ISIS, he says he witnessed his fellow fighters commit horrible crimes, including “public lashings, beheadings and crucifixions.” 

Why isn’t Huzaifa in prison?

Many Canadians are asking why Huzaifa isn’t in prison, and is instead talking to the media.

ISIS is an avowed enemy of Canada who have threatened to kill Canadian citizens. Therefore, joining ISIS should clearly be considered treason. It’s the equivalent of a Canadian having left the country to join the army of Nazi Germany during WW2. They wouldn’t just be accepted back into the country. They would have been jailed as a traitor.

Canada must take strong action to protect Canadians from returning ISIS fighters, and make certain those who fight for the evil ISIS army are held accountable. Charges of treason must applied to those who join an organization fighting against Canada. “Canadians” who fight for ISIS should be in jail, not talking to the press.

Spencer Fernando

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Who are the haters

Why is Imam Mazin Abdul-Adhim, head of Hibz ut-Tharir, a terrorists group, allowed to talk at George Brown College for 45 minutes and call for Shari’ah law in Canada? Oh I forgot this is Canada we allow Imams to preach hate in mosques but we the people are not allowed to complain. Like M-103 but if you see something you can’t say something. Why because we have a group of politicians who act like traitors.

If you see something, say something HA HA HA HA This motly running crew running this country will not protect Canadians. I wonder id Trudeau will pay this yoyo for his trouble.


Good Question? But, Let’s not Forget that ISIS is a TERRORIST Organization and Trudeau makes Terrorists Multi-Millionaires. Therefore ISIS is a Good Friend of Trudeau. He would NEVER put A Friend in Jail!


Traitors never repent. Huzaifa will do other things against Canada and Canadians. With Trudeau’s policy, he will be let free and by the time what he did is found out, it will be too late.

jack grandville

I must comment further on the above. My understanding is that international travel is, at best, an expensive undertaking. I doubt that as an ISIS fighter you get too much in the way of pay. That being the case, and considering all the various necessities required to leave ISIS and survive, and to find the means to travel through various countries, acquire a passport, eat, sleep and otherwise tend to the necessities involved, arrive at some spot wherein you can acquire a ticket for an international flight, go through all the various checks and so on, where the hell does… Read more »


Your last sentence Jack Granville is the answer.