Liberal MP Wayne Easter Slams Trudeau Government Tax Changes Rollout As “God-Awful”

Easter ripped into the rollout of the tax changes being widely denounced by Canadians.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, Liberal MP and Chair of the Finance Committee Wayne Easter ripped the way the government rolled-out their widely-hated attack on Canadian small businesses.

Here’s what Easter said:

“The communications was just god-awful,” adding that the Department of Finance’s discussion paper was terrible. “Whoever drafted that doesn’t have a clue about the amount of effort that gos into being a small business or how it’s established. The communications made peopel feel that they were being accused of abusing the tax system.”

Even Easter knows Trudeau and “Moneybags” Morneau are out of touch.

At this point, even members of the government are seeing how out-of-touch Justin Trudeau and Bill “Moneybags” Morneau are from the experiences of Canadians.

Easter’s comments are very similar to the point being made by the Official Opposition, and many Canadian business owners: Trudeau and Morneau just don’t get it.

Reportedly, dozens of Liberal MPs at the recent Caucus meeting expressed serious concern about the massive backlash to the tax changes, so Easter’s comments aren’t a big surprise.

And yet, Trudeau arrogantly refuses to change course, showing that he doesn’t listen to anybody but himself, and his closed circle of elitist advisers. Will Liberal MPs start to stand up for their constituents and fight back against the Trudeau PMO? Or will they keep quiet and go along with the damage being done to Canada?

Time will tell, but given the events of the past two years, it seems likely that they’ll keep meekly going along with Trudeau’s agenda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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HOPEFULLY, the Liberal bobbleheads will start to “walk across the floor”. They MUST realise what a disaster Trudeau is for Canada before he TOTALLY ruins it! They are the only ones who can initiate a non-confidence vote (?)…


Liberal MP’s have been hired by their voters to run the Government for them, not simply grovel to Trudeau, Butts, McKenna, Khalid and Elghabra. Ignore their voters and they will become part of the swamp drainage at the next election.

They would do well to start looking for Trudeau’s replacement ASAP.


Now might be a good time to really push. I have been saying since he was elected that Trudeau was following a proscribed train of policies begun by his father and now enacted by the globalist community. The history shows that the backbenchers, along with the rest of Canada become disenfranchised under this bulldozer effect of glitter and image. If enough backbenchers see their future going down with the S.S.Trudeau ship we might, just might have a small window if opportunity to defeat a majority government and cause an election before the end of term. To that end I have… Read more »

Barb Hill

All Liberals, who still consider themselves Canadian Citizens, should cross the floor, this would hopefully derail the Trudeau despot majority, and would make the current government (who aren’t really governing but are trying to destroy Canada) either the minority or hopefully cause an immediate election, whereby the country (WE CANADIANS) can vote the Liberals and Trudeau OUT!

Ross Wickware

The leader of our magnificent Country should be doing his best to make it better than when he was elected. Every Canadian deserves this. It is now clear that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party do not feel this “fiduciary duty”. We must fight back. This is unacceptable, by any measure. Let’s start the “Canadian Leadership for Canada” movement. Write these elected officials: daily, weekly and constantly. If they want to know how Canadians feels, we need to tell them, too often and too repeatedly – they just don’t get it.


Here is the thing with the Libs and Trudeau. They are ramping up their policies of playing the gender and racism card. Creating enclaves of more and more ethnic enclaves. But this tax reformation billis over the top. It is an assault on ordinary Canadians. The Liberal biased media is downplaying this tax grab, calling it a move toward fairness. And now we have reports of Liberal caucus members very unhappy with this measure as well. With long time Liberal Wayne Easter speaking out against this is encouraging and we can only hope and pray that those Liberal MP’s opposing… Read more »