Trudeau’s Billionaire Island Bahamas Vacation Cost Taxpayers $215,000 – Way More Than Previously Thought

Justin Trudeau’s vacation trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island was initially downplayed by the government, despite the continuing ethics issues facing Trudeau in the wake of it.

The government tried to downplay the cost, but it was later revealed that the trip cost taxpayers $125,000 – including covering the cost of some of Trudeau’s entourage on a “diplomatic note”, though those individuals were not revealed.

However, it turns out the trip cost even more.

A new report shows that the trip cost $215,000, which is way more than Parliament was initially told.

Here’s an excerpt from the report:

“The new figures from the RCMP bring the cost to the Canadian government of Trudeau’s stay as a guest of the Aga Khan on Bell Island to $215,398. That amount, which covers the RCMP, DND, Global Affairs Canada and the Privy Council’s costs, is 70 per cent higher than the $127,187 tab first tabled in Parliament. The news that the trip cost more than initially believed comes as Trudeau is under investigation by Parliament’s ethics watchdog and already under opposition fire for the cost of the Christmas holiday trip in 2016 to an exclusive private island in the Bahamas.”

Strangely, the report notes that “the Prime Minister did not attend the entirety of the trip”, but the government didn’t provide any more information on that.

Disturbing lack of transparency

The issue here is the lack of transparency, and the fact that these costs were incurred for a foreign vacation that should not have taken place and now faces an ethics complaint.

It would have been incredibly easy for Trudeau and the billionaire Aga Khan to have repaid all the costs of the trip. After all, Trudeau could have saved taxpayers tons of money by vacationing in Canada in support of our tourism industry. So, it would only be right for him to reimburse the full amount, rather than the tiny $4,895 he repaid.

Instead, he and the Aga Khan left taxpayers footing the bill for the rest, and the government didn’t even tell Canadians the true cost.

Clearly, Trudeau thinks struggling Canadian taxpayers should fund his jet-setting lifestyle.

It’s another example of Trudeau’s arrogance, elitism, and contempt for the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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alan skelhorne

oh boy, if we all knew how much this guy spends in the first year, travelling i mean. wow , hey leftists , time for you people to wake up.


Parliament Begins on Monday, September 18th. Canadians are Still Waiting for the Opposition Parties to ask the Ethics Committee What the Results of “Their Investigation” has been, Why hasn’t this Ethics Committee let Canadians Know HOW Trudeau has Broken the Canadian Ethics Laws and Has Been Getting Away With This Scandal, WHY this THIEF Has NOT Paid Back $215,000.00 to Canadian Tax Payers, and WHY this Joke of a PM, Who PROMISED Transparency has Not Been Charged??


I absolutely agree with you! Trudeau has committed so many crimes against the Canadain taxpayers he should be removed ASAP! The Ethics committee better do their jobs and not let this crook get away with his stealing from us the Canadian taxpayers!