WATCH: Trudeau Arrogantly Dodges Question On Liberal MPs Opposed To His Dangerous Tax Changes

During a press conference, Justin Trudeau was asked about the rising opposition of Liberal MPs toward his attack on Canadian small businesses.

More Liberal MPs are getting wary of the massive backlash to the tax changes, including MP Wayne Easter who said of a government Department of Finance discussion paper, “Whoever drafted that doesn’t have a clue about the amount of effort that goes into being a small business or how it’s established. The communications made people feel that they were being accused of abusing the tax system.”

Instead of answering the question directly, Trudeau arrogantly recited his usual robotic talking points of “diversity” and the “middle class,” not even bothering to answer the substance of what he was asked.

Trudeau didn’t even make an effort to respond to the real question. He apparently thinks he can just repeat the same talking points over and over and over again, and never actually say anything real.

The fact that his arrogance even extends to his own party should be deeply disturbing to all Canadians, as it shows he has no real intention of actually listening to anyone.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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Yes, Trudeau is extremely arrogant. Now when he is pushed into a corner by his own party members he claims diversity. Before Canadians were tax cheats. He is a two faced liar, is extremely incompetent, divides Canadians on purpose and only cares about himself. I applaud the Liberal backbencher who stood up for once on what was right. I am hoping some of them finally have their eyes opened to their horrible leader, but I highly doubt it. Trudeau needs to GO!

Ross Reid

Justin need to get thrown out of office and the Liberal party put in 3rd place, where they belong!


the plan is to bring everybody down to the same level – ” poverty ” – so the NWO can take control – can’t they see that is what is coming and what he intends to do – he is an arrogant maniac and he will reach the end his rule one of these days — the smart ones will cross the floor and leave him standing there – the dumb twit


What seriously needs to happen, is for all the liberal back benchers that love their country, to cross the floor and join the opposition in a vote of non-confidence, and then call for an election..


I CANNOT Believe that there has NOT been any Liberal MP’s who have NOT Crossed the Floor. They CANNOT ALL be Blind, Dumb and Stupid to NOT See and Hear What their Joke of a PM is Doing to this Once Great Country and to Canadians! Any Intelligent Liberal MP who Crosses the Floor would be Respected by Canadians for Doing the Right Thing and Showing Respect for all the Hard Working Overtaxed Canadians, unlike their Arrogant Leader who HATES Canada and Canadians. Trudeau’s Priority is ONLY to take Care of Himself! He has NO Shame!


My thinking exactly.
Surely even some Liberal MPs take issue with this child leader. Especially those with years of experience who have been cast aside in favour of his so-called diverse cabinet, chosen by gender and ethnicity rather than on merit, qualifications.


And! Maybe Trudeau has 5-10 rote memorized quotes of himself that he just keeps in his mind to use interchangeably. I can see him ruffling through his memory files and hauling up one. Doesn’t have to be relevant. Just put The Face on The Face, tip the head sideways, and out comes #2……or #5…….etc…..etc……….Trudeau leading his country.


This the true agenda kill small business which includes farmers and force everyone to the city to force socialism or starvation on the Canadian population. Canadian need to wake up and start investigating the truth as the news media are not telling the citizens the truth

Marlene Stobbart

Trudeau has an agenda – one long planned by others – it is to break the middle class. This Act or Bill will certainly to a degree accomplish that. By the end of his tenure very few liberals will gain a seat in Parliament. As for himself, personally, he has the opportunity to play act on the central stage – without the intellect of his father – who did a good job of ruining Alberta and economically – Canada. But, he also gave Canadians Equal Rights which the USA federally does not have.

kay sea

this web page will not display video/media. I’m getting tired of google or explorer preventing the people from viewing media video’s. Google now has this continual ‘certificate’ notice that comes up and won’t let you read pages as it pops up and blocks you…… The certificate is to remind you or help you to go to only sites that ‘google’ certifies. How’s that for controlled social media.

Sandra Clark

What a hypocrite. “We will not hurt the middle class”. Going after small businesses and entrepreneurs as he is doing “IS” hurting the middle class. I can’t believe the smug, squinty smile on his face and the blatant arrogance he spews out. Trudeau knows exactly what he is doing, why he’s doing it and how he is going to put everyone in the poor house. The Conservative Party with Pierre Poilievre has a live video discussing the issues and what will happen to small businesses and especially farmers (who are included in this) due to Trudeau and his tax hike… Read more »