Canadian General Says U.S. Would Not Defend Canada From Ballistic Missiles Under Current Policy

Another reason why Canada must join the ballistic missile defence shield.

Lt. General Pierre St-Amand – the deputy commander of NORADsays under current U.S. policy, Canada would not be protected by the U.S. ballistic missile shield.

According to St-Amand, Canadian military personnel at NORAD would be left helpless as any decision on whether to defend Canada from an incoming ballistic missile would be entirely up to the United States. This is because Canada is not part of the U.S. missile shield, and is thus left undefended.

This is the consequence of Canada not doing all we can to defend our country. It leads to the absurd situation where Canadians and Americans work side by side at NORAD HQ on defending our airspace from enemy aircraft, yet Canada has no say over defending our airspace from incoming missiles.

Canada must join the missile defence shield

The time for committees and meetings is over. Canada must act immediately and join the missile defence shield. In a dangerous world we can’t just hope for the best. Our citizens deserve the strongest protection possible, and Canada deserves to be a part of defending North America from missiles.

The opposition, and members of the government who put Canada’s safety first, must ramp up pressure on Trudeau to stop neglecting his duty to keep Canada safe, and join the missile shield now.

Spencer Fernando