POLL: The Canadian People Are Against Selling Weapons To Saudi Arabia

Renewed attention to arms sales comes as Saudi Arabia appears to have used Canadian-made combat vehicles to attack their own civilians – a violation of Canadian export law.

As the government investigates (slowly) whether Saudi Arabia used Canadian-made weapons in a brutal crackdown against their own civilians, a new poll shows a clear majority of Canadians are opposed to our country selling arms to the Saudis.

According to Nanos Research, 64% of Canadians are against the sales of arms to Saudi Arabia. 44% oppose the sales, while 20% somewhat oppose the sales.

By contrast, just 14% of respondents support the sales, while 15% somewhat support them. 8% said they were unsure on the issue.

Investigation underway

The Trudeau government is now investigating whether Saudi Arabia used Canadian-made Terradyne armoured vehicles against civilians in the town of Awamiyah. Use of Canadian-made arms against civilians is forbidden by Canadian law.

The investigation has dragged on for over six weeks, despite the fact that there is a wide range of publicly available photos and videos of the vehicles being used by the Saudi military against civilians.

Perhaps the Trudeau government is hoping attention will go away and they can keep the sales going, but people remain focused on finding out the truth. As you can see below, it appears quite clear that the Saudis are using the Canadian-made vehicles in the crackdown. It shouldn’t take over a month and a half to figure it out.

Arms sales to Saudi Arabia must be banned

It’s a total disgrace that Canada sells military vehicles to Saudi Arabia. We should not be enabling a ruthless and oppressive regime, especially considering the fact that Saudi Arabia exports the vicious Wahhabist ideology around the world, contributing to the spread of terrorism.

Both the Harper and Trudeau governments approved weapon sales to Saudis, and both parties must not let that happen again. Instead of building up the Saudi military by selling them weapons, we should be building up our own armed forces.

The government and opposition should both realize that public opinion is clear: Canadians don’t want our country selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Those in power must listen and implement the will of the Canadian people by banning those sales once and for all.

Spencer Fernando


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