REPORT: Trudeau Could Become First PM Found In Violation Of A Federal Law While In Power

Trudeau is still being investigated by the Conflict of Interest & Ethics Commissioner for his trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island.

As Justin Trudeau’s Aga Khan trip has come back into the news after revelations that it cost Canadian taxpayers far more than previously thought.

However, in a recent article, journalist David Akin points out an issue potentially even bigger than the cost of the trip: Trudeau could become the first Prime Minister to be found in violation of a federal law while in power.

After pointing out that previous Prime Minister’s have been criticized for vacations, Akin notes the big difference in Trudeau’s case:

“But Justin Trudeau’s 2016 Bahamas trip is in a separate category from the rest and he faces a different political peril that has nothing to do with the cost of the trip. The Bahamas trip is the first prime ministerial vacation that has sparked an investigation by the House of Commons Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson.”

Trudeau is under investigation for the possible violation of two parts of the Conflict of Interest Act.

“If Trudeau is found to have been in contravention of either provision, he will be the first prime minister in history to have been found to have violated a federal law while he was in office,” says Akin.

Here’s why:

  • Because the Aga Khan Foundation receives federal grants, Trudeau accepting a free vacation from the Aga Khan could be an serious problem.
  • Additionally, Trudeau’s use of the Aga Khan’s private helicopter is in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act provision against ministers of the crown accepting travel “on non-commercial chartered or private aircraft,” unless it’s a part of their official duties (private vacations don’t count), exceptional circumstances, or with the approval of the Ethics Commissioner. None of those seem to apply to Trudeau’s use of the private helicopter, setting up a big possible ethics problem for him.

One rule for the elites, another for the rest of us

Akin points out that Trudeau’s potential punishments are minor if he is found to have violated the ethics law, saying “Trudeau would get the equivalent of an administrative slap on the wrist.” But Akin also correctly notes that it would be a big political issue for the PM.

For many Canadians, Trudeau becoming the first PM found in violation of federal law while in office would simply confirm what is already becoming obvious to millions: Trudeau believes there is one set of rules for the elites like him, and another for the rest of us. He sees Canadians as his servants, rather than seeking to serve Canadians as a true leader should.

Read Akin’s full article here

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