VIDEO: Liberal MP Wayne Long Opposes Trudeau Tax Changes

“I cannot support the changes as they are right now,” says Long.

Wayne Long – Liberal MP for Saint John-Rothesay – has announced that he is opposed to the tax changes being pushed by Justin Trudeau & Bill “Moneybags” Morneau.

Long – a former small businessman – says the Trudeau government must slow down, listen, and change their tax proposals.

Here’s what Long said in an interview:

Rising opposition

It seems the Trudeau government thought they could ram the changes through with a sham “consulting” period during the quiet summer.

However, opposition has been steadily rising, and is now reaching an overwhelming level. It’s rare to see such open opposition to government policy from government MPs in Canadian politics (even as Long tries to be careful in his criticism), and it speaks to the growing fear among many Liberal MPs as they see the massive backlash to Trudeau’s dangerous tax changes.

So far, Trudeau shows no signs of being willing to listen, and is instead arrogantly pushing ahead with the widely-hated policy that will do immense damage to Canadians all across our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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