Poll Shows Canadians Evenly Split On Whether To Close Border To Those Seeking “Asylum” From U.S.

A new poll by Nanos Research shows Canadians are evenly split on whether our border should be closed to those crossing from the U.S. seeking “asylum.”

37% want the border closed, 37% want the border to be open, and 26% say they are unsure.

The poll comes as the Trudeau government faces strong criticism for their border policy – particularly on Justin Trudeau’s reckless and irresponsible tweets and confused messaging on the issue.

It should be noted that this poll shows Canadians split on whether to allow those who cross from the U.S. and claim asylum, not whether they necessarily support illegal border crossings.

There is a big difference between legal and illegal crossings, and polls show Canadians view those issues differently. In fact, a previous poll showed 57% of Canadians disapproved of how Trudeau handled the illegal border crossing situation.

Different than the elitist spin

These poll numbers are quite interesting, as the even split in Canadian public opinion contrasts with the way the elitist establishment often frames the issue. The impression is often given that opposition to opening the borders is a position only held by a small proportion of Canadians, yet it is clear that many millions of Canadians clearly want to see our border toughened up.

Clearly, Canadians who support strengthening our border deserve to be represented in our government and in the media, instead of being attacked and demonized by Trudeau and the globalist elites who always put Canada’s interests last.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Should be a no brainer…close the border…

alan skelhorne

nanos research you say, are they not a liberal machine, come and ask the real canadians what they think.if you people let trudeau win the next election, this country goes down the tubes, and king trudeau wins. plain n simple isn,t it.
for all you canadians out there, king trudeau is above the law, he thinks it, and no one is stopping him at all.

jack grandville

In my opinion, the most frightening aspect of this poll clearly demonstrates that over time our understanding of the term ‘border’ has been lost on all too many Canadians. I suspect that much of that lack of understanding is the direct result of our ‘new’ education over the years wherein many do not understand that without clearly marked national borders and border protection, there is, in effect, no nation. That alone would, in my view, indicate that there has been and remains a dangerous ambivalence to reality among the population of today.


Trudeau is committing crimes against immigration laws! We need the borders closed, to protect Canada and the safety of Canadian citizens, we Canadian taxpayers can’t afford to take care of these illegal immigrants! Trudeau is using our taxes to buy votes with illegals immigrants!


They aren’t “seeking asylum”, they are economic migrants. They have a better chance of staying if they apply legally.

Murray McDougall

Where are these stupid polls coming from? Out of their asses? I mean hell, not one person I have had dealings with says anything other than disparaging words about him, his cabinet and his off the wall politics.


It would be interesting to see the results broken down to the demographics of the regions in Canada.