RISK: Economist Says Trudeau Tax Changes Could Cause Recession

A prominent Canadian economist says Justin Trudeau’s tax increases on Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses could “tip the economy into a recession.”

As reported by BNN, David Rosenberg – an economist from Gluskin Sheff + Associates – said, “My disappointment with much of what already has been done, and the pledges to tax capital in all its forms, are only going to act as major constraints on growth.”

Rosenberg also warned of possible damage to the economy:

“Making any rash changes, as seems likely, could very well tip the economy into a recession.”

Trudeau Liberals are “killing entrepreneurship.”

BNN also notes the comments of Canadian investor Stephen Jarislowsky, who says the government is “killing entrepreneurship.”

Trudeau pampers big banks and global corporations, while punishing Canadians

The outrageous irony in Trudeau’s false claim to care about “tax fairness,” is that his policies (including letting Canada be bought out by China, giving $35 billion to a fund dominated by global banks, and refusing to truly crackdown on offshore tax havens or tax loopholes used by massive corporations), are all about enriching the powerful.

He is simply using his tax attack on Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses to distract from his elitist agenda.

If Trudeau’s dangerous policies cause a recession, all of us will pay the price in reduced wages, lost jobs, and increased poverty.

As always, Trudeau is seeking to put his political interest above the well-being of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando