Canadian Veteran Rips Repeated Government Broken Promises

Canadian Veteran Robert Smol worries that the Invictus Games could give the false impression that the government is keeping their promises to our Veterans.

In a recent opinion article, Canadian Veteran Robert Smol discusses how the upcoming Invictus Games – founded in 2014 by Prince Harry “to showcase the indomitable spirit of military veterans who are rising above their service-related disabilities” – could distract from the failure of successive governments to support Canada’s Veterans.

Here’s how Smol puts it:

“I have no doubt that the men and women who participate in these games will be a great source of pride for their respective nations. Good for them! The flipside of that, however, is that this showcase of perseverance will inadvertently give the impression that each and every disabled veteran likewise has the personal strength and fortitude to rise about his or her service-related disabilities. That is simply not the case.”

Smol goes on to point out how successive governments – of both political stripes – have failed Canada’s Veterans.

From the New Veterans Charter initiated by the Paul Martin government – which eliminated lifetime pensions for Veterans and changed them to lump sum payments (far worse) – to cuts under the Harper government, to broken promises by the Trudeau government – Smol explains that Veterans have been failed over and over again, something that must be considered as the Invictus Games take place.

Says Smol, “The issue is particularly sensitive in Canada —this year’s Invictus host — where successive governments have spent the last 12 years trying to divest or delay their legal and financial responsibilities to care for today’s younger disabled veterans.”

Smol is right to be concerned.

While billions are spent elsewhere, the Canadian government has repeatedly shortchanged our Veterans. Despicably, they say all the right things at election time – when they know people are watching – and turn their backs on those who defended our nation once the campaign is over.

This must come to an end.

Our Veterans need to get their lifetime pensions restored, and the amount they receive – particularly for soldiers at the lower end of the pay scale – should be increased. Even if this costs billions more, it’s one area where the government should err on the side of over-spending, not under-spending.

As the Invictus Games take place, help make sure that Canadians know what is really going on. Spread the word that our Veterans are still being betrayed by the government, and help build support for finally ending the injustice faced by too many of those who put their lives on the line for our rights and our freedom.

Read Smol’s full article here

Spencer Fernando

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