REPORT: Trudeau Planning To Suppress Debate As Parliament Returns

Another reversal of Trudeau’s promise of “a new kind of politics.”

As Parliament returns for the fall session, the Trudeau government is seeking to suppress debate.

As reported by HuffPost Canada, the government has given notice that they will use “time allocation” to limit the amount of debate that can take place on government legislation.

This will cut the opposition off from having a real say on what the government is proposing, making it easier for Trudeau to ram through his agenda without much parliamentary scrutiny.

Empty words

When the Liberals were in opposition, they regularly criticized the Harper government for using time allocation, often calling it “anti-democratic.”

Now, they’re using the same tactics they attacked.

The suppression of debate comes as the Trudeau government is facing growing criticism, particularly over tax changes that will hurt small businesses and could push Canada into a recession. They also face continued anger from millions of Canadians over the $10.5 million payment to Omar Khadr.

The Trudeau government has made clear that any discussion of strengthening democracy was just empty words. They were glad to get elected on a promise of respecting parliament, now they grab all the power they can get and seek to suppress the voices of other parties.

Opposition must avoid mistakes of the past

During the Harper era, the Conservatives were often criticized for using too many parliamentary procedures to limit debate. They should avoid that mistake the next time they get into government, and should remember the tradition of the Reform Party era where respect for parliament, debate, and free votes was paramount.

After all, the Trudeau government is especially weak on the issue of respecting democracy.

Trudeau has broken his promises on electoral reform, and tried to push through huge changes to parliament without the support of the other parties. He has destroyed any credibility he could have had as someone who believed in a stronger democracy. In fact, Trudeau has made things even worse, weakening the parliamentary watchdog positions by leaving interim appointees in the job (who have less authority because they can be removed by Trudeau more easily).

Clearly, Trudeau has shown far less respect for Canada’s democracy than Harper did, yet the elitist media rarely admits it.

That’s why the opposition must hold Trudeau accountable for his failures and his lies, and explain how they will do better and finally give our country the democracy Canadians deserve.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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