WATCH: Scheer Asks Why Trudeau Taxes Local Businesses While Bailing Out Bombardier

Good question.

In Question Period, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer exposed one of the biggest hypocrisies surrounding the Trudeau tax attack on Canadian small businesses.

Trudeau gave hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to Bombardier – a company owned by wealthy billionaires. The family that owns Bombardier is extremely wealthy, and the taxpayer dollars given to the company boosted their share price – making the billionaire family even wealthier than they would have been otherwise – all at the taxpayers expense.

Yet, Trudeau isn’t asking Bombardier’s billionaire owners for any more tax money. Instead, he’s trying to take it from Canadian farmers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners.

Watch as Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer brings attention to this massive hypocrisy:

If you have trouble watching the video, click here.

Trudeau rewards the elites at the expense of Canadian taxpayers

It would have been easy to provide support to Bombardier while also demanding that they cut their executive pay and provide ironclad guarantees protecting Canadian workers now, and long into the future.

Trudeau did none of that.

Instead, he gave them the money – our money – with no strings attached.

And now, his idea of “fairness” is to attack Canadian small businesses while leaving billionaire elites untouched.


Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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In rural areas doctor’s spouses have limited employment opportunities. The tax changes on income splitting will devastate health care delivery to farming and aboriginal communities .


He believes his own lies!!! WOW!!! so convincing… I almost believe him…

Evelyn heaman

Trudeau is probably has shares in this, which is a conflict of interest, let us find this out!!!!!!
I dispute most of what he does and what he says. He is absolutely the WORST PM, CANADA HAS EVER HAD. WE ARE SOOOO EMBARRSED BY HIM. PLEASE VOTE HIM OUT NOW!

don morris

The next federal election is in 2019,we can vote him out then.

The LPC figures that voters will have forgotten about this one by ’19,they may be correct.


The liberal mps would watch their constituents who own businesses fall apart right before their mp’s eyes and no matter how grave the constituents lives are under Trudeau regime their mp WOULD NEVER EVER STAND AGAINST TRUDEAU FOR THEIR CONSTITUENTS. And what’s worse, Justin told his mps that he support terrorists keeping their citizenship whereas PMSH wanted them deported. Not one of those mps thought once for the safety of their country to remove themselves from this crazy leader of theirs instead they laughed with him ignoring their safety and ours. Not only that, the media love the idea of… Read more »


Bombardier did not receive an outright handout – the government invested in the company in exchange for equity. The amount was minuscule compared to the Billions that Bombardier pumps into the Canadian economy. BTW Bombardier supports many small businesses. I used to work for a small delivery company that did half it’s business making time sensitive deliveries to Bombardier in Toronto. The problem is not “hand outs” to Bombardier – the problem is the out-of-control spending by the Trudeau government. Trudeau has given away Billions to foreign countries that do not create jobs in Canada, e.g. 100’s of Millions to… Read more »

jack grandville

“It would have been easy………….” That statement says it all — so the only conclusion one can arrive at it that Trudeau intends to support the elitists and ignore the ‘ordinary people,’ he constantly mentions when asked to explain giving away the money of those ‘ordinary people.’