WATCH: Scheer Asks Why Trudeau Taxes Local Businesses While Bailing Out Bombardier

Good question.

In Question Period, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer exposed one of the biggest hypocrisies surrounding the Trudeau tax attack on Canadian small businesses.

Trudeau gave hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to Bombardier – a company owned by wealthy billionaires. The family that owns Bombardier is extremely wealthy, and the taxpayer dollars given to the company boosted their share price – making the billionaire family even wealthier than they would have been otherwise – all at the taxpayers expense.

Yet, Trudeau isn’t asking Bombardier’s billionaire owners for any more tax money. Instead, he’s trying to take it from Canadian farmers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners.

Watch as Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer brings attention to this massive hypocrisy:

If you have trouble watching the video, click here.

Trudeau rewards the elites at the expense of Canadian taxpayers

It would have been easy to provide support to Bombardier while also demanding that they cut their executive pay and provide ironclad guarantees protecting Canadian workers now, and long into the future.

Trudeau did none of that.

Instead, he gave them the money – our money – with no strings attached.

And now, his idea of “fairness” is to attack Canadian small businesses while leaving billionaire elites untouched.


Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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