BAD SIGN: Canadian Manufacturing Sales Fall 2.6%, As Auto Sales Plunge

“Free trade” continues to take a brutal toll on Canada’s manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing sales in Canada fell by 2.6% in July according to Statistics Canada.

It’s the worst decline in over a year.

Until the July numbers, the worst previous drop was a decline of 4.2% in February 2016.

Huge drop in auto manufacturing

Auto manufacturing sales fell by a massive 13.8%, the worst decline since May of 2009 – when the economy was still struggling to recover from the devastating global recession.

Statistics Canada notes that auto plant shutdowns in the month of July lasted longer, and were more concentrated than has been seen in past years.

The toll of “free trade”

While the elites remain obsessed with ever-expanding “free trade,” we are seeing serious negative impacts on Canada. We have watched our manufacturing sector bleed away, as jobs flee to countries like Mexico, China, and others. Good and well-paying manufacturing jobs have been taken from us, replaced with far less secure, lower paying employment.

Until we take action to protect Canadian jobs and Canadian workers from foreign competitors that don’t play by our rules, our manufacturing sector will continue to be devastated. And with Trudeau seeking a “free trade” deal with China, the stakes have been raised higher than ever. We must not allow the betrayal of Canadian manufacturing and Canadian workers to continue unopposed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube