Canadians Should Support Striking GM Workers At CAMI Plant

The elites have agreed to deals that have pushed thousands of Canadian manufacturing jobs to other countries. We should stand with those who are fighting for Canadian workers.

2,500 Canadian workers at the General Motors CAMI assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario are on strike.

The workers are on strike because GM (who was bailed out by Canadian taxpayers) is refusing to provide stronger job security protections for workers.

The workers are asking for the CAMI plant to be the key site for building the Chevy Equinox. This is a big issue, since the plant has already lost production of the GMC Terrain – which was moved to Mexico. That change cost 600 lost jobs at the plant.

Mike Van Boekel – chair of local 88 – discussed the importance of jobs security:

“Every member understands the importance of reaching a deal that secures production, and what that means to our families and the community. The membership showed incredibly strong support for their bargaining committee throughout these negotiations.”

Supporting Canadian manufacturing

As I just reported, Canadian manufacturing suffered the biggest drop in over a year, and auto sales fell massively. Canadian auto manufacturing is being devastated by cheap labour in Mexico and other nations, in what is a massive betrayal of Canadian workers that was perpetrated by Canada’s elites.

Canadian workers at the GM plant are fighting to hold on to manufacturing jobs Canada needs, and our country should stand with them. We bailed out GM, yet they keep sending jobs to Mexico. That’s why it’s time to start moving away from the failed “free trade” ideology, and start taking action to put the interests of Canadian workers first.

Spencer Fernando

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