REPORT: Trudeau Receives Dividend Payments From Private Corporation As Part Of Family Fortune

Trudeau is clearly trying to distract from his total elitism by demonizing Canadian small businesses.

A new report reveals that Justin Trudeau receives dividend payments from a private corporation.

Here’s a key section of the report:

Trudeau owns 7664699 Canada Inc., which he has put in a blind trust during his time as prime minister but which has also been paying him dividends. His brother Alexandre also has a private corporation, 7664737 Canada Inc. The companies are the primary and secondary shareholders in a third private corporation, 176078 Canada Inc., set up in 1995 to hold the assets of their father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

That’s not all.

According to the report, “Trudeau is also the joint owner with his brother of 9190-0563 Quebec Inc., set up in 2007. The company, which lists its activities as real estate development and the production and sale of firewood, owns a property with a chalet, which once belonged to their father, in the Laurentians community of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard north of Montreal.”

Trudeau claims that he doesn’t have any dealings “with the way our family fortune is managed.”

Of course, none of this is against the law.

After all, one of the key motivations of people to succeed is to leave money for their family.

The issue here is that while Trudeau was given immense financial and political influence due to his inheritance, he is punishing small business people who want to sell their business to their own family. In some cases, their tax rate could reach over 70%.

So, Trudeau is glad to make use of the fortune he inherited, but is punishing middle-class Canadian small business people who are trying to build their own legacy for themselves and their families.

It’s extremely hypocritical.

Distracting from his elitism

The cynicism of Trudeau’s tax attack is clear: He realizes that more and more Canadians are waking up to the agenda of the elites who seek to benefit foreign banks, global corporations and the political class at the expense of middle income and working class Canadians.

Trudeau is desperate to distract from the fact that he is part of the same elitist structure that Canadians are turning against. So, in an effort to hide from his elitism, he’s throwing small business people under the bus and scapegoating them.

It’s a disgraceful display from a national leader who should be bringing Canadians together, not tearing us apart.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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jack grandville

Is there anything that ‘he’ has done since achieving office that is NOT disgraceful? I suggest that is a self-answering question.

jack grandville

That tactic is pure politics and although used by every political party, the Liberals are masters of the art and have effectively used it throughout time. However, the Liberals are considerably more adept with the use thereof because of their experiences. The use of ‘distractions’ have often saved parties from what might well have been a defeat during an election, and that is reason enough for its use. Unfortunately, when the ‘opposition’ is limp-wristed, it works even better, which unfortunately appears to be the present case. It may take a disaster in Canada for people to actually wake up in… Read more »


pm Stephen Harper who just like the rest of us worked his way up knows more of the little guy than million trust fund Justin who has millions to fall back and live has no idea what a small businessman looks like far less work. Even the harc core liberal media reporters don’t have that wealth yet they work their ass off defending a million dollar know nothing about the small guy instead by the small guy who works hard each day for a living. Donald TRUMP A MULTI MILLIONAIRE own’s salary is just $1 and has lowered taxes for… Read more »

alan skelhorne

simply put jen, president is for the we the people, mr. socks is for himself. big difference eh.


Absolutely, good job Jen

Ana Gomes

Bill Harris: Why? More jobs ,less taxes, less illegal criminals, more truth about the Media he refuses to pay for, more respect for the laws of the country, more transparency less acceptance of the traditional Swamp… Would you prefer the corruption of the previous years? Under the nose of Obama, the Clinton Foundation selling favors to the ones with millions to buy. Somebody like Trump was the only way to stop the flow, starting with the prostitution of the MSMedia. Inform yourself about the power drivers’ agendas in the USA. Good or bad, Trump is not one of them. They… Read more »

Joanne Thauberger

Bill Harris
No, only bad news for scum like Trudeau and Democrats in the USA. They are finding it harder and harder to keep their greedy fingers in the public pie. Liberals are corrupt at both levels, Federal & Provincial.

Clive Edwards

Income taxes should be against the law. They are immoral on their face, as the worst kind of theft. There are other ways for government to derive income for operations and programs, but it would mean upsetting the global elite’s apple carts. Trudeau is an apple polisher who protects the elites from working, unemployed and “retired” Canadians. Then again, nearly all politicians are guilty of that.

Ken Hickey

This is not news. Politics has always been a draw for the corrupt. It’s all about money and the power that it brings for these people (while hiding behind…”I want to give back to the community!). Find me a politician who’s NOT getting rich off of “the system”……now THAT will be news.


Glad to read this column as I have been following the Charities Directorate dealings on Trudeau and bandits. It is criminal that they can hide their money but then come out and attack businesses.

This fool needs to be ousted out of Government he is a drama teacher and all he has wreaked on Canadians is drama!

Ana Gomes

They voted for him because it was 2015…” the year of the Stupid” And we are paying dearly for it. He managed to attack our freedom of speech, which I thought no body could ever do,. He robbed middle class families with children, with only one wage earner, the fairness of splitting the income of the family between the spouses, since the spouse that stays home is entitled to use clothing and eat and have a roof over his or her head also . Harper, the guy that Canadian “bought -for” CBC media tried to portray as “The Bad guy”,… Read more »


Neither…. Trump hides what he brings in a year … and yeah he only gets a $1 but look how much he has spent going away every weekend .. his wife needed extra security cause she lives somewhere else and all his kids …. he has spent more in the 8 mths he has been president than Obama spent in 8 years. Justin is a angel compared to Trump…

Ana Gomes

Hi Ronny: Justin gives your millions to foreign lobbyists and accepts free vacations in their luxury private islands. The lame excuse is that he is visiting a friend of the family…. what family? what a lie. His fund raising has been pay for play all the way. Does corruption ever bother you? Are you from the CBC Media or are you just not informed but lead by the MS news? Should we say that Justin’s vacation, just this time ,cost the taxpayers in security only, over 200.000? How much of the taxpayers money has Trudeau cost us, with his vain… Read more »

Jill Ward

Ana Gomes, Well said. Thank you.