WATCH: Conservatives Launch “Save Local Business” Campaign

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer has launched the “Save Local Business” Campaign.

The campaign says the tax hikes being pushed by Trust Fund Trudeau & Moneybags Morneau on local business will have damaging impacts on Canadians, including:

  • Forcing local businesses to close
  • Causing layoffs
  • Making life harder for farmers
  • Forcing manufacturing plants to close
  • Increasing healthcare wait times
  • Making life harder for fishermen

Scheer emphasizes the damaging impact of the Trudeau tax hikes on working class Canadians and small business owners, saying “I’m talking about the mechanic that keeps your car running and the five people she employs, or the farm that keeps your family fed, and healthy and the bar where you catch up with your friends at the end of the week.”

Watch Scheer launch the campaign below:

Learn more about the campaign here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot

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As long as the ‘suppressed’ media by the liberal party suppress the conservatives or any other person or small business from viewing their concern Canadians across Canada would not know of this campaign far less act on it.

Evelyn Oliphant

I miss PM Stephen Harper too!!! We need him (or at least someone like him) back – while we still have a Canada!!!