Montreal Liberal MP Opposes Trudeau Government Rhetoric On Tax Changes

Even Liberal MPs are realizing that Trudeau is dividing Canadians, instead of trying to bring our country together.

As reported by the Canadian Press, Montreal Liberal MP Nicola Di Iorio disagrees with the rhetoric being used by Justin Trudeau in his effort to push his divisive tax changes, “noting the Liberals campaigned for everyone.”

“We’re a government that is inclusive,” Di Iorio said Wednesday as he went into the meeting. “When we campaigned, we sought the vote of every Canadian and every Canadian deserves to be treated with dignity and respect by its government.”

The CP report also notes that the tax changes are “a plan a number of backbenchers strongly oppose.”

Trudeau betraying his promise to Canadians

Di Iorio’s comments are quite interesting. While he’s obviously being very careful to not sound to critical (and not get kicked out of the party by Trudeau), at the core of his comments is the idea that Trudeau has betrayed his promise to be “inclusive.”

True inclusiveness is bringing people together under shared values and shared goals. Seeking greater prosperity for all Canadians is what leaders do. By dividing people and trying to demonize Canadians to turn us against each other, Trudeau is failing the test of leadership.

The fact that even members of the Liberal caucus (those who see Trudeau behind the scenes on a daily basis), are realizing how divisive Trudeau is becoming should be a big warning to all Canadians that something is going seriously wrong in Ottawa.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Colin Nichols

The French Revolution would not have occurred if the elites had practised ” noblesse oblige ”
The scene is being set for a replay of history


This is how I see from Justin point off view:
Those wealthy people who support me (Justin) will be exempt from paying ‘high taxes’ and
Those other wealthy people who are not contributing to my bank account but are instead creating and giving jobs for the little guy WILL BE TAXED.
In other words you are either with wealthy Justin or you are not.


liberal mps paid for by their constituents have a choice:
Work for us or be fired
DICTATOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS NOT OUR BOSS…. WE ARE HIS BOSS. WE PAY HIS SALARY. So, liberal mps better start counting their days in parliament.


This man should be praised for speaking out against this BOGUS TAX HIKE! Nicola Di Iorio is my MP ( St.Leonard) in a strong italian community-(A liberal Stronghold). I think He must be getting a lot of HECK FOR THIS NONSENSE..from many Italians with small businesses here…
Now he just needs to cross over the floor!!!Work for the Tories.. and Trudeau if he Fires him …One thing for sure..The Italians here will freak OUT!!!

jack grandville

This situation is and has been, obvious from the start of ‘his’ tenure. To even think that this person has the qualifications of holding the office of Prime Minister, is not unlike the truck driver thinking his six-year-old son is capable of driving is capable of driving his tractor-trailer across Canada because he handles his toy trucks and cars so well — with the same predictable results, which we witness with every ‘new idea’ he comes up with. Sooner or later there will be a massive accident with both scenarios.