TOTAL HYPOCRISY: After Demonizing Canada’s Small Businesses, Trudeau Condemns “The Politics Of Fear And Envy”

Does he realize how hypocritical he is?

Justin Trudeau took a break from demonizing Canadian small businesses to attend the Bloomberg Global Business Forum at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

While trying to pit Canadians against each other here at home, Trudeau decided to play the fake role of “unifying globalist,” pushing the supposed benefits of “free trade.”

Yet, in the context of his divisive rhetoric against many Canadians, Trudeau’s comments are massively hypocritical.

Here’s excerpts of his remarks, as reported by Axios:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “[T]rade leads to growth… and we made a deal with citizens that we would pursue pro-growth policies and that everyone would benefit… So we’ve seen growth, but it hasn’t necessarily reached everyone… and that’s where we fall into the politics of fear and envy… so now we need to make a turn into a new progressive trade agenda.”

Of course, when Trudeau says “progressive trade,” he’s talking about a new name for the same globalist policies that betray Canadian workers, empty out our manufacturing sector, and let our country be sold off to foreign nations and foreign corporations.

However, the most hypocritical aspect of his comments is his condemnation of “the politics of fear and envy.”

Fear and envy is exactly what Trudeau is trying to conjur up by demonizing middle-class small business owners, doctors, farmers, and many other Canadians.

The fact that Trudeau either doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care about his immense hypocrisy is a concerning sign that he really believes his own BS.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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This narcissistic chid is constantly creating messes then blames others. The MOST despicable PM this country has ever had the misfortune of electing.


Personally I do not see Trudeau as despicable. Rather I see him as naive and in his case the apple fell far from the tree. What’s scary about Justin – his father, who did much damage, was a much older and smarter radical.


Maybe he needs to spend a little more time in Vancouver where a teeny-tiny house costs $20 million. Thanks globalization–or where our trees and heritage is being ripped down to make way for towers and high rises. Thanks globalization. Globalization, it works a treat. Well-done Canadian politicians.


Yep, local people, grinding away at work, commuting, paying taxes at every level imaginable here in Canada, need to be given the advantage in terms of GETTING ON THE PROPERTY LADDER. Speculators and investment conglomerates need to be charged a premium for these ‘sure-thing-piggy-banks’ in Vancouver, Toronto, and whichever Canadian City is the next target for offshore investors.

Who are the haters

If his name was Smith he would not be Prime Minister.


” but it hasn’t necessarily reached everyone ”
What the Liberals have done hasn’t worked yet again but we are going to repeat because it might work this time.


Pitting Canadians against each other at home at the same time espousing unity of purpose with the globalists. This is the modus operandi of our Prime Minister. He’s either craftily manipulating our future servitude or blundering his way into political annihilation. It all depends how many Canadians remain asleep top the NWO agenda.

jack grandville

Of course ‘……he believes his own BS.” What else? From the moment of understanding in either or both official languages, he was brainwashed by ‘daddy,’ and is the epitome of the ‘Manchurian Candidate.’ He does not think but, rather, responds to certain stimuli — be it a word, or combination of words, a colour, a type of social event — whatever it may be. He is a human form of a train on a collision course because there is no way left to stop it. It is his ‘own BS’ and his teachings from ‘daddy’ that encompass his whole being.


There is no finer example of hypocrisy than Morneau, a forever Ontario resident, registering his “Toronto Headquartered” Morneau-Chapell Inc. in Alberta, the Province with the lowest provincial marginal tax rates. LMOA!


Correction on my comment 5 minutes ago: I meant to say LMFAO, not LMFOA.