WATCH: Rempel, Scheer, & Poilievre Discuss Fight Against Trudeau’s Tax Hikes

Opposition Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer, and Opposition Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre discussed the fight against the dangerous tax changes being pushed by Trust Fund Trudeau & Moneybags Morneau.

Watch their discussion below:

An effective way to get the message out

This is a good way for the opposition to get the message out about the danger of Trudeau’s tax hikes. Unlike the scripted talking-point filled remarks being repeated by Trust Fund Trudeau and Moneybags Morneau, this discussion seems more authentic and genuine.

It’s something the opposition should continue to do, as Canadians deserve to hear directly and unfiltered from our elected representatives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudeau is still not answering questions like a responsible PM and a normal individual. He acts like an elementary school kid who thinks he is better than his teacher. Trudeau is mentally incompetent to hold his office. Please activate the power of attorney asap so we can get adult leaderhip. I am not kidding.


Andrew said he was going to attack the liberals on omar kahdr the moment he returned from summer break . Problem is the Liberal boondoggles and stupidity is coming at us so fast, even Andrew who makes his living at this, cannot keep up. In other words the problems are piling up faster than they can be made public and attacked. I wrote my Liberal MP on these tax increases last week and he still hasnt the fortitude to respond to my question as to whether he supports the tax increases or not. As usual he’s waiting for the official… Read more »

Rebecca Van Sant

Thank You for your great information about what the Liberal Government is doing to Canada and to Canadians. Can’t wait to have them out of office in 2019. I wonder how many Canadian business will fall with this tax that the liberals are pushing . Not right. The Liberals only care about themselves.


Trudeau’s sinister stand against Doctors

Spencer this article was written by immigrant doctor. very touching story that truly relates to others


They are a bit anemic bunch and fail to explain to Canadians that is unfair to apply same tax system to employed and self-employed.