OWNED: Poilievre Asks Why Moneybags Morneau’s Massive Fortune Is Sheltered From Tax Hikes

In Question Period, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre owned Bill “Moneybags” Morneau.

Poilievre asked Moneybags why the tax hikes on Canadian small businesses aren’t being applied to the Trudeau and Morneau family fortunes.

Morneau had no good answer, and got so upset that he accused Poilievre of lying, and had to be admonished by the Speaker and withdraw the comment.

Watch the exchange below:


If you have trouble watching the video, click here.

Immense hypocrisy by Moneybags Morneau

Moneybags Morneau and Justin Trudeau are a pair of entitled elitists who are punishing Canadian small businesses while protecting their elitist privileges. It’s total hypocrisy, and it’s a betrayal of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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jack grandville

What is that other old saying? H’mmmm – let’s see — oh, yes: “When the shoe fits…….” Seems applicable in this case — again.


Both Morneau and Trudeau should be ashamed of themselves. How can they look in the mirror. I am embarrassed to have Justin as our PM.


I agree, hope the liberal party is no more in 2019! all of their followers will hopefully learn a hard lesson! They seem to think they are privileged better then the rest of Canadians, I pray for their souls…doubt they think about God! They all need to go in 2019! They are disgraceful I feel embarrassed for them!


Lberals have no shame


And who is surprised? It’s the Liberal ideology to tax the poor while sheltering the elites. This business tax is going to cripple the private sector………which is the goal. Socialism at it’s best.


I did not catch anywhere that Mr. Morneau answered the question regarding his sheltered business.

Gloria Saunders

Did you ever hear Morneau or Trudeau answer the questions asked of them? I never have. Both just keep reporting that they are doing what Canadians want them to do. Well I’m Canadian and you are not doing what I’m asking you to do. How about thinking of Canadian first and stop sending our tax dollars to other countries that do nothing to benefit Canadians.

Verna Bower

Typical political move. They never answer the question. Just skirt around the issues and blame the previous government!!!!! They all s__k!!


Morneau wont answer the question. Any unanswered question is a a YES answer. Plain and simple. The bigger question he should be asked is how he is going to profit. His company will reap huge profits from this policy through people using it for Pension Funds. Conflict of interest is huge.


the libs NEVER answer!!! they think they are above the rest of us…. and so it goes, since day one…

Joey Power

Talk about hypocrisy, didn’t Mr Poilievre argue for 2 term limit for MP’s? He’s now in his 5th term.


I would love to hear Mr. Morneau answer how he justifies abandoning stock options loopholes and instead attack small business. He wants to tax investments inside a CCPC (for business savings or owners retirement). He states CCPCs get an unfair start as they are taxed lower off the start so have more to make their initial investment. However he directly accepts (and also chooses when given the option) to receive Deferred Share Units instead of salary in both Morneau-Shepell and AGF Management. Why does he get to defer tax to the tune of 100% tax avoidance. In 2013 alone he… Read more »


Who the hell is Bill trying to convince ?? Does he think we’re really that stupid? His investment agency is his own personal tax haven. He’s created a tax loophole he and his buddies will be exploiting at our expense. Liar liar pants on fire.