REPORT: Billions Of Dollars Have Already Left Canada Because Of Impending Trudeau Tax Hikes

Ironically, Trudeau’s dangerous tax hikes will mean less money for Canadian roads, less for social services, and less for our national defence.

A former Liberal Finance Minister is warning that billions of dollars have already fled Canada, and that loss could be just the beginning.

John Manley – who served as Finance Minister under the Chretien government says he personally knows of a Canadian business owner who has moved billions of dollars out of Canada as a result of Trudeau’s impending tax changes.

It is expected that many more billions of dollars will leave the country, as people seek to escape Trudeau’s tax hikes.

As a result, Canada will lose money that would have been used for fixing our roads, funding social services, and securing our national defence.

As reported by the Canadian Press, Manley is also concerned about Trudeau’s divisive rhetoric: “I don’t get it at all — I thought that one of the successes of Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau was that he was the unifier, he was bringing people together,” said Manley, who noted the broader economy could feel the sting of losing too many big job creators.

Manley says job creators will leave the country quietly: “You won’t know about it because they’re not going to buy ads or report it — they’ll just go.”

Canada will get poorer, other countries will get richer

If businesses and business owners leave Canada, not only will the government not collect any extra money, they’ll collect nothing. Their 73% tax rate will effectively become 0%.

Jobs will be lost, our economy will decline, and all Canadians will be poorer off. Additionally, that money won’t disappear, it will simply go to foreign countries.

So, once again, Justin Trudeau’s policies enrich foreign nations at the expense of the Canadian people. Globalism at it’s worst.

Spencer Fernando


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