VIDEO: Moneybags Fails To Answer Question On Tax Changes & The Morneau Shepell Corporation

Moneybags Morneau falls into his own trap after denying his business isn’t impacted by tax changes, then refusing to explain which changes apply to his business.

As Moneybags Morneau keeps pushing his dangerous tax hikes, the opposition has been pointing out that his family fortune and the Morneau Shepell corporation are hypocritically not affected by the changes.

Clearly, Moneybags and Trudeau are letting the true elites off the hook, while punishing Canadian small businesses, farmers, doctors, and entrepreneurs.

Yet, today in Question Period, Moneybags Morneau was caught in his own dishonesty trap. Answering a previous question, Moneybags had told Pierre Poilievre that he was “wrong” to assert that Morneau’s own business is sheltered from the tax hikes.

So, in his next question, Poilievre asked Morneau to explain which changes apply to his business.

As you can see in the exchange below, Moneybags totally failed to answer the question, and fell back once again on his pathetic talking points:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Why couldn’t Morneau answer such an easy question?

Poilievre’s question was easy to answer. All Morneau had to do was say which parts of the tax changes – which he likely drafted himself – would apply to his business. Of course, it’s pretty clear that Morneau was caught in his own dishonesty. The changes won’t impact his business or his fellow elites, and he’s just too afraid to admit it.

Spencer Fernando

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don morris

Andrew Scheer now has the opportunity to use Saul Alinsky’s rules against the Liberals,he has to define Trudeau and Morneau as “the rich,the one percenters” , and keep doing that until that term defines them in everyone’s mind. The Liberals arrogance is what saw them defeated by Mulroney,and Harper,but in those days it took a couple of full terms in Office for full tilt hubris to sicken enough voters to boot the buggers out. Today,it’s been apparent almost from day one,”we are the chosen, we are the winners, we are the champions, we are your betters, we are the ones… Read more »


I agree with you Ann. Canada has been a pawn to Washington since Diefenbaker cancelled the Arrow.


repeat repeat repeat …the script is safe , never answer a direct question ….that in itself is an admission !! corrupt and deceptive …the Morneau moneybags must be displaced as must the big boss who is really nothing at all ….after all his faux pas …