EMPTY SEATS: Trudeau’s Globalist Fans Skipped His U.N. Speech

Trudeau got lots of foreign media attention for his U.N. speech, but it seems many of his globalist buddies didn’t actually bother showing up.

Justin Trudeau spent much of his United Nations speech criticizing Canada and pushing empty and deceptive rhetoric, while trying to build up his own image.

While he said all the politically-correct things, it turns out that not too many people were interested in actually watching it in-person. Surprisingly, considering all we hear about Trudeau’s global popularity, it seems many of his globalist pals decided to skip his remarks.

Check out a photo of the crowd (or lack thereof) for Trudeau’s speech:

Just like everything else about his government, the media image of Justin Trudeau’s is revealed to be as empty as the seats at his U.N. speech.

Spencer Fernando

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who wants to sit around and listen to insipid lies and rhetoric. Hopefully the world leaders are catching on…at least the ones that matter have his number. What a disgrace.

T. Hansen

Totally Agree !


Trudeau claims to listen to Canadians but responds with the same old banal, platitudinous rhetoric which never addresses the problems Canadians are facing.




Disqus would be a good replacement move.

don morris

While the Canadian media and many of the blowhards in Canadian politics love to spread the fantasy that Canada is an important Nation and the world admires and follows our lead, the facts on the ground are demonstrated by this and other reality checks at so many world conferences when the real Leaders turn their backs on Trudeau. Many of the seats were empty because Trudeau’s speech and Canada’s position on most issues simply is NOT important. We are Little Canader, that noisy Nation North of the USA, loved by environmentalists for our naivety and pitied by the real powers… Read more »


You are right on the money.

Ana Gomes

His father was normally called” The Jerk’ in international circles , because of his petulance his leftist efforts and desires to be noticed, but he never dared get into the stupidity his son has been spreading.
Because the son is much less intelligent, he is compensating with a high level of manipulation, which is a tool for many dumbbells.


Ha! What Harper comparison picture have you got to tweet now Gerald Butts?

pet ass hole

two of the worse fkg dummies but

ts n turddo way too much pot ah!, daw!eh!

George Townsend

Trudeau’s comments of our problems with our indigenous people should not have been aired at the UN. i cannot understand why we are trying to correct things that happened 150 years ago, when that was the way it was. the government at the time did what they thought was the best at the time and the people thought it was a good idea. now 150 years later some Canadians think it was a bad thing. so was voting in the Trudeau Liberals. They give away billions of our tax payer dollars to the aboriginals basically as welfare and give their… Read more »

jack grandville

It would appear — again — that the majority of ‘friends’ of our P.M.(?) recognize ‘that little self-important kid from Canada’ as just what he is — unimportant, unable, and not worth the trouble of getting dressed for. I believe most Canadians by this time harbour similar feelings about our p.m. (not caps for the obvious reason) because once the hoo-raw settled (as is always the case) he was and is seen for just what he is — nothing — nothing of importance in the big picture and only attractive to those harbouring personal dreams about him. Too bad —… Read more »

Don Suddaby

People are generally tired of listening to Tredeau’s nothing speeches.


He spoke to a room filled with the middle class Canadians that he claims to be helping. And from what I saw, they all showed up.


Nobody is interested in listening to our dirty laundry which happens to be a domestic problem and not the world’s problem.

Pete Black

Gerald Butts why don’t you go yourself. With your university degrees I am sure you would get more attention.

Kevin F.

As with all power brokers who have no interest in helping anyone but themselves, Gerald Butts prefers to stay out of the limelight and in the deep shadows back stage. Let the part-time drama teacher take the flak, once his reign of error is over, Butts will escape in relative anonymity with his pockets full.




I suspect many remained in their seats to see if Trudeau was as pretty as his pictures. Others stayed because they had already gone to the toilet and had nothing better to do.

Could it be that some were part of his entourage being used to pretend people actually gave a damn about his opinion?


George, you hit the nail right on the head. I have been preaching that for years, and now unfortunately we have the wrong people in the government to listen.