EMPTY SEATS: Trudeau’s Globalist Fans Skipped His U.N. Speech

Trudeau got lots of foreign media attention for his U.N. speech, but it seems many of his globalist buddies didn’t actually bother showing up.

Justin Trudeau spent much of his United Nations speech criticizing Canada and pushing empty and deceptive rhetoric, while trying to build up his own image.

While he said all the politically-correct things, it turns out that not too many people were interested in actually watching it in-person. Surprisingly, considering all we hear about Trudeau’s global popularity, it seems many of his globalist pals decided to skip his remarks.

Check out a photo of the crowd (or lack thereof) for Trudeau’s speech:

Just like everything else about his government, the media image of Justin Trudeau’s is revealed to be as empty as the seats at his U.N. speech.

Spencer Fernando