POLL: Trudeau Liberals Won’t Gain Votes From Legalizing Pot

A Campaign Research poll shows more Canadians say legalizing pot will cause them to vote against the Liberals than say they will vote for them because of it.

Legalizing marijuana may not be the vote-getter the Trudeau Liberals expect it to be.

According to a new poll by Campaign Research and first reported by the Hill Times, a plurality of Canadians support legalizing marijuana.

49% approve of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, while 39% are opposed.

However, opposition to the policy seems to be more strongly felt than support for it.

While 15% say they are more likely to vote Liberal because of legal pot, 25% say they will be less likely to vote Liberal because of it. A majority of poll respondents (53%), say it won’t have an impact on whether they vote Liberal or not in 2019.

There are big differences in support for legalization when the results are broken down by party affiliation:

  • 61% of Liberals support marijuana legalization.
  • 29% of Conservatives support it.
  • 55% of New Democrats support it.

Minor impact on election

Despite differences of opinion, Canada has settled into a general consensus that recreational marijuana users shouldn’t be put in jail, and police resources can often be used more effectively. As a result, the issue is no longer a big driver of voter decisions. Pocket-book issues such as taxes, debt, deficits, trade, wages, and jobs are expected to be the key factor in 2019, combined with perceptions of government corruption and dishonesty.

So, if the Liberals were hoping to win in 2019 on the basis of legalizing pot, it looks they’ll have to think again.

Spencer Fernando

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Kerry Clark

Legalized pot will be taxed just like alcohol and there will likely be restrictions on the potency of It. It’ll be just another source of revenue for the Liberals! So, in my opinion, it will do nothing to combat illegal suppliers

jack grandville

Your use of the word ‘think’ is, I believe, simply an impossibility for the Liberals. They rule much like the Manchurian Candidate who acted only after a particular external stimuli made the mind respond. Ergo, it cannot, I believe, be called ‘thinking.’ Perhaps a better word might be ‘reacting,’ which follows the idea of some external stimuli causing them to react. Just a thought.


totally agree ….ideology is concept not based on fact but rather on an intellectual exercise …they cannot think …on grounded grounds …


I personally think the whole thing will backfire in their face. It will be overpriced (taxed) and in short supply. The black market will still be in business as usual I’m sure, after all, they never charge tax !

Timothy Smith

I believe the whole point of it was simply this: It is appealing to voters who vote out of their sense of image, but don’t actually read policy. I have yet to find anyone who has read that legislation who wants anything to do with it – yet when I find a supporter, they are usually in the dark as to what it is they would be supporting… the idea, it seems like, was to co-opt the voting block who votes for their image of the liberals, rather than those who vote responsibly…. this is likely why the ‘fanfare’ around… Read more »