Trudeau’s United Nations Speech Was Nothing But Empty & Deceptive Rhetoric

Justin Trudeau knows how to get attention on the world stage, but back in Canada, his words are increasingly seen as meaningless.

In his speech to the United Nations, Justin Trudeau cast himself as a leader who is focusing on improving conditions for Indigenous Canadians, and fighting for “fairness.”

As usual, much of the national and foreign press ate it up.

And yet, a look at the actual record of the Trudeau government reveals his words to be nothing but empty and deceptive rhetoric.

When it comes to improving the conditions on reserves in Canada (which often resemble third-world countries), Trudeau has not only failed to keep his campaign promises, but he’s done worse than the previous government.

As I previously reported, the number of boil-water advisories has increased under Trudeau’s “leadership” compared to when Harper was in power.

Promised funding increases have been repeatedly put off, billions has been given to foreign countries while Indigenous communities struggle, and the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women has been a debacle.

So, beyond the nice words, Trudeau has achieved nothing and things are even worse.

When it comes to “fairness,” Trudeau spent some of his U.N. speech talking about his tax hikes. While Trudeau (a member of the elitist 1%) tried to cast himself as the defender of the middle class in front of the U.N. audience, here in Canada there is a rising revolt against his attack on Canadian small businesses, farmers, doctors, and entrepreneurs.

Once again, beyond the nice words, there’s zero substance, and Trudeau is actually doing the opposite of what he claims.

This is the context that must be repeated over and over again. The Trudeau government is very effective at crafting a narrative that benefits them and makes them look good on the world stage. Much of that coverage has an impact in Canada as well, which provides a boost to Trudeau’s political support.

In order to counter that deception, the truth must be constantly put forth. And the truth is that – like his U.N. speech – Trudeau’s words are nothing but empty and deceptive rhetoric meant to stop people from seeing what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Trudeau’s empty speech can be seen below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Sandra Clark

WOW! What a speech. It’s extremely slanted in his favour. The righteous Justin Trudeau. He is condemning every government before him and praising himself as the only Prime Minister who is fair and doing his job properly. He hasn’t done a thing for the Indigenous People. He has left them out in left field, also. You would think by now, their water would be safe to drink. Schools would be closer to home and better for them and you would think that all the murders of Indigenous Women would be investigated more thoroughly. Far too many women have been murdered.… Read more »


Well said… he is a total hypocrite, deceitful liar who claims he speaks for us all but only speaks the lies he himself believes.. not all of us are naive to his falsehood.. I am born and raised Canadian, I am Metis and yes I believe our ancestors did wrong on many levels… but honestly and truthfully not to cause friction we today and our children should not have to continue to pay for past mistakes… We are all human, we all bleed and we all breathe the same air.. It’s time for pre equality, no more differences due to… Read more »


Spencer, Should Canadians be Surprised by Trudeau’s Empty and Deceptive Speeches? I CANNOT Stand to Listen to Any of his Speeches, when they are coming from a Deceptive and Empty Headed Joke of a PM. I Have Learned From His Election Platform and After His Election that All he does is spew LIES after LIES. How Can ANYONE Listen to a Chronic LIAR? He may Fool the Rest of the World, but he ISN’T Fooling Canadians. Canadians Know What a Corrupt, Deceptive Traitor of a PM We Unfortunately have, and HOW He is Destroying this Once Wonderful Country. We are… Read more »


PM Stephen Harper was the first and only PM to offer and an apology to the First Nations whereas the the liberals who have held power longer for seventy years never ever apologized to the First Nations. Sadly, not many Canadians know this nor will the media mention it to the public. That’s why Justin is taking the opportunity to claim victory to something that has already be done.

Jim Lauder

Apologies are meaningless political gestures. Nevertheless, our PM is a member of the elites and does exactly what the bankers and corporations require. Pretty much what all Western governments are doing. I see little possibility of change in my lifetime.


let’s be clear Justin, ‘ in the seventy years of liberals holding power never once did any of those PMs offer an apology to the First Nations.
It was CPC PM Stephen Harper who made the apology to the First Nations.


The world is not interested with our local problems which Justin made a complete fool of himself for something he now in gov should have attended too instead making a clown of himself.
Every nation has internal issue do you hear them airing it out in the open.
If he so dam worried about the Aboriginal needs then do something about it instead of making a ass of yourself.


You can’t have reconciliation while selling out your country to the highest bidder–that was the original root problem, selling Canada off to the highest bidder. Is China the current highest bidder? Will ultra-rich Chinese who look for every single loop hole to scam Canadians–and couldn’t care less that Canadians are now sleeping in their vans while they gobble up our real estate–does Trudeau think they’re going to give one lousy you-know-what about the Indigenous? Now the Conservatives needs to pull it together, they really need to do some work on their optics when it comes to Indigenous relations. This is… Read more »

Roy Elsworth

spencer he is making big headlines on the world scene he is beeing seen as a laughing stock of the world that’s the only headlines he’s getting.

jack grandville

It is obvious daily that under the government we have at present, each of those sitting in the House on the Liberal side could quite obviously be referred to as traitors, inasmuch as they sit there doing their bobble-head act in support, while he or others stand to praise the party that has, in an extremely short period of time, reduced this once-proud country to the level of a third-world country. Using my dictionaries, I find it very easy to accurately apply their description of ‘treason’ to this government and all of its supporters. A sad turn of events for… Read more »