POLL: Conservatives Lead Trudeau Liberals 39% To 35%

Trudeau’s net approval rating is now negative according to the survey.

A new poll by Forum Research has surprised many in the Canadian political world.

For only the second time since the 2015 election, Forum Research shows the Conservatives are ahead of the Liberals.

Here are the results:

  • Conservatives – 39%
  • Liberals – 35%
  • NDP – 15%
  • Bloc – 5%
  • Green – 4%

The poll contrasts with recent Abacus and Nanos surveys, which have shown the Trudeau Liberals with a lead over the Conservatives. However, Forum Research had a very accurate election forecast in 2015, and is widely regarded as a credible pollster.

More Canadians disapprove of Trudeau

Trudeau’s approval rating has fallen 6 points since Forum’s August poll. His net approval rating is now negative, with 43% approving, and 47% disapproving of his performance.

Scheer’s net approval rating is the same as Trudeau’s, (-4%), but far fewer have formed an opinion about him.

26% approve of Scheer, 30% disapprove, and a full 44% have no opinion.

Tax change impact?

With a large decline in both Trudeau’s approval and overall Liberal support from August to September, the question everyone will be asking is why. Of course, the key change since August is the growing backlash against Trudeau’s tax attack on Canadian small businesses.

The backlash has even included members of Trudeau’s own party, with multiple MPs calling on Trudeau & Moneybags Morneau to make changes.

If this poll is correct, the rising backlash would certainly explain the decline.

Opposition has lots of work to do

While this poll is good news for the Conservatives, they still have much work to do. Trudeau leads in other polls, and Scheer’s overall approval remains low. With nearly half of Canadians having no opinion of him, he is at big risk of being negatively defined if the Liberals unleash a negative ad campaign against him.

With that said, the opposition must continue to keep up a tough and relentless campaign against Trudeau’s failures and deceptions, and Canadian patriots must get out the message as well. After all, if Trudeau’s poll numbers keep falling, it’s only a matter of time before much of the corporate media tries even harder to rescue him.

Spencer Fernando

Read the full Forum Research poll here


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Tired of Treason

Worst government EVER should be thrown out–Do hope Canada survives.


I absolutely agree with you!

don morris

Good news,but 2019 is two long years away.
Trudeau’s blatant cash grab,soon to be exacerbated by the carbon tax,gives Scheer all the ammunition he needs for the next election. Trudeau’s “charm” is wearing thin,people are beginning to see his natural arrogance show through his “sunny ways” smile.

Let’s hope Scheer can assemble a team capable of exploiting the situation.


I absolutely agree with you!


YESSSSSSS CANADA this momentum must keep increasing…otherwise our country as we have known it …is no more ….leaving the fate of our country in the hands of EITHER an ideologist OR a FAKE and TRAITOR has dire consequences ….

Ben Eby

To turn his recent polling uptick into ongoing success, Andrews Scheer must move away from the eastern-establishment-politician mode, that he is in right now. He’s for sure, got to dispose of any connection to the profoundly stupid Paris Climate Accord idea of taxing the climate back to some falsely perceived normalcy….After all, what truly sane and clear thinking person would tax their own economy into a recession? And if Andrew Scheer has got what it takes to be this country’s PM he must accept that the country is much bigger than just the east, and it is important that he… Read more »


Trudeau should be made to re-emburse the Canadian people that 10.5 M. out of the trudeau foundation. if anything left there, then he need to pay us back for his two trips that he lied about the amount these trips cost us. and why are we paying for his holidays. that should be coming out of his pay. like the rest of us.

jack grandville

This may well be the opportunity for Scheer to demonstrate his understanding of real politics, utilizing his extensive knowledge gained over his years in and around the political dance floor. If he does not utilize this opportunity to its fullest, then he will fail in his attempts to bring the Conservative Party to the fore — it must be done and it must be done correctly and timely. This is quite likely his greatest challenge. He cannot afford to lose this opportunity.


Islamisme et racisme


This is happening in Quebec.
I manage to read the article by Translation mode and what I read, you will never hear in English-speaking Canada.

alan skelhorne

i only wish i could understand most of this article.i knew the french were waking up to trudeaus new followers.


Sheer’s agreeing to the Paris Accord was a huge disappointment to me. It revealed a man unable to have his own values, wanting to appear more Left than the Liberals……..I don’t think Bernier would have made such a stupid lazy decision.


I hope the Conservative get in, but it might be to late for Canada. Trudeau should be removed ASAP the Liberal and the NDP in the House of Commons have no backbone! They would rather sell their souls and country to the devil, than cross the floor to save Canada, for a pay cheque!


Andrew you better prepare to TREAT THE CANADIANS with due respect & due consideration. We ALREADY HAD ENOUGH WITH THE JUSTIN’S making Millioniers of foreign Crooks….We the Canadians at times have nothing to eat before go to bed. Some of them have No bed to sleep beside the road sides makeshifts. The Canadians situations are such and this brain damaged Justin is showering Millions of Canadian tax payers money on Terrorist who have already murdered other nationalities. He has so much of political rules & regulations to talk about when it comes to such issues. But no rules & regulations… Read more »