INSANE: United Nations Says Canada Should Pay “Reparations” For Slavery

Did the United Nations somehow forget about the underground railroad or the fact that Canada didn’t exist until after Britain had already abolished slavery?

While the United Nations continues to put countries like Saudi Arabia in charge of human rights committees, they’re now making an insane set of “suggestions” to Canada.

As reported by the Canadian Press, the U.N. Human Rights Council released a report on issues impacting Canadians of African descent.

Here’s part of the report:

“History informs anti-black racism and racial stereotypes that are so deeply entrenched in institutions, policies and practices, that its institutional and systemic forms are either functionally normalized or rendered invisible, especially to the dominant group. This contemporary form of racism replicates the historical … conditions and effects of spatial segregation, economic disadvantage and social exclusion.”

What the UN is saying is that Canada is somehow continuing the legacy of discrimination that flowed from slavery. As the CP notes, the report “makes recommendations to the federal government, including that it apologize for slavery and consider providing reparations for historical injustices.”

Insanely stupid

Canadians of African descent clearly faced discrimination in Canada. For example, the community of Africville in Halifax was razed in the 60’s, something the city rightfully apologized for.

However, the idea that Canada should apologize and make reparations for slavery is among the dumbest ideas of all time.

  • First of all, the British Empire abolished slavery in the 1830’s in their colonies. So, slavery was abolished before Canada was even officially a country.
  • Secondly, one of Canada’s greatest historical moments was the Underground Railroad, where thousands of slaves from the U.S. made their way to freedom in our great nation. Canadians are rightfully proud of the Underground Railroad, and the foolish United Nations should be commending our country, not condemning us.

Canada should threaten to cut off our UN fees

It’s a total disgrace and outrage that a “human rights” committee run by countries like Saudi Arabia has the temerity to question Canada.

To ask Canada to pay reparations for slavery is to show total ignorance of history, and Canada should not only ignore the “suggestion,” we should threaten to cut off our UN fees.

After all, why should Canadian taxpayers pay money to an organization that is willing to slander and insult Canada while giving cover to some of the most brutal regimes on earth?

Spencer Fernando


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