Trudeau’s Continued Weakness Risks Even Bigger Illegal Border Crossing Surge

Until Trudeau makes clear – through real actions – that illegal border crossings won’t be rewarded, people will keep crossing.

As the Trudeau government continues to show continued weakness in their messaging and refusal to enforce Canada’s border and laws, there is a growing risk of another illegal border crossing surge – something many are warning Canada is not prepared for.

Last month, 5,712 people illegally crossed into Canada from the United States, a huge 82% increase since July. Now – as reported by the Toronto Star – the head of the Customs & Immigration Union Jean-Pierre Fortin says “there has been an ominous change in the demographics.”

The shift is that while most of the illegal border crossers have been from Haiti, the majority of the new wave of illegal crossers in August were from Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Citizens of those nations are currently in the United States under Temporary Protected Status, which could expire in early 2018. (It should be noted that the Trudeau government revoked similar status from Haitians in Canada before the U.S. did – though the media rarely mentions that).

With 250,000 people set to lose protected status in the U.S., the continued weakness of the Trudeau government risks a massive surge of illegal crossings that Canada’s government isn’t prepared for.

Says Fortin, “We don’t think the government is ready to face another crisis. I don’t think they’re going to be in a position to double the numbers that we had in August. Just think about us getting over 10,000 people coming in (each month).”

Fortin also says union members (border agents) are being overworked, and don’t have enough resources. So, not only is Trudeau risking a massive new illegal crossing surge, but he’s under-funding those who are on the front lines.

Rewarding illegal crossings

While Trudeau has said “there’s no benefit to crossing illegally,” his actions make his words meaningless. Illegal crossers skipped in line, jumping ahead of those who are respecting Canada’s laws. Then, many illegal crossers received welfare, work permits, and got their “asylum” claims heard.

That’s a huge benefit to crossing illegally.

After all, people aren’t fools. They are watching what’s happening and seeing that Trudeau is weak and rewards the disrespect of Canada’s borders. So, it’s logical for them to try and cross into Canada illegally and get the same benefits.

Unless Trudeau toughens up (unlikely) and actually starts enforcing Canada’s laws and showing respect for our border, the risk of a massive and unsustainable illegal crossing surge continues to grow.

Spencer Fernando


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