VIDEO: Is The Trudeau Government Screwing Up NAFTA Negotiations?

As NAFTA negotiations continue, there is growing concern that the Trudeau government is putting political virtue-signalling ahead of Canada’s economic interests.

With a massive amount of jobs at stake, Canada must be tough and relentless in standing up for our national interest. Dozens of U.S. states rely heavily upon trade with Canada, giving us important leverage.

However, that leverage is only meaningful if it is used effectively, and that means focusing on protecting core industries and jobs here in Canada.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government has been spending a lot of time pushing for things (such as a carbon tax), that all trade negotiators have said the U.S. will never agree to.

The Trudeau government is doing this to score political points, but the consequence could be a worse outcome for Canada in NAFTA negotiations.

Watch as Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Erin O’Toole details some of those concerns:


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While Canada would probably be better off without Mexico in NAFTA (that’s a discussion for another article), all Canadians want our country to benefit from the renegotiated NAFTA deal, and we want the government to do well on our behalf. That’s why the Trudeau government should start acting in the interests of our country, rather than trying to score political points. The stakes are far too high for political games.

Spencer Fernando