WATCH: Moneybags Morneau Says Low Taxes Encourage Investment, But Refuses To Cancel Tax Hike

During Question Period, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer asked if Bill “Moneybags” Morneau would finally listen to Canadian small businesses and cancel the dangerous Trudeau tax hikes.

Moneybags answered with a contradictory statement, saying that low small business taxes encourage investment (true), but refusing to cancel the Trudeau tax hikes – which are a tax increase on small businesses.


Moneybags inadvertently confirmed that his tax hikes will be bad for investment, and therefore bad for Canadian workers as it will have a job-killing impact.

Watch the exchange below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

It seems Moneybags is having a tough time making a logical argument for the tax hike, which isn’t surprising considering the massive backlash he and Trudeau are getting – even from members of their own party.

Clearly, Canadians are seeing through the total fraud being perpetrated by Trudeau & Moneybags – two elitist 1%ers trying to pass themselves off as the saviors of the middle-class.

Spencer Fernando

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