BETRAYAL: Report Reveals 81% Of Middle Class Families Are Paying MORE TAXES Under Trudeau

Study reveals Trudeau’s claim to have cut taxes for the middle-class to be a total lie.

According to a new study from the Fraser Institute, 81% of middle-class families are now paying more taxes under the Trudeau government.

On average, middle-class families are now paying $840 more per year.

The Fraser Institute notes that while the Liberals cut some tax rates, they also eliminated tax credits at the same time. Because of how heavily used those tax credits were by many middle-class families, the net result is that 81% are paying more.

For middle-class families with children, the increase was even worse, with taxes going up $919 on average for them.

Middle class families hit harder than the wealthy

In yet another example of how Trudeau’s policies are skewed against the middle-class, it turns out that the middle-class has been harder hit than the wealthy.

While 81% of middle-class families are paying higher income taxes under Trudeau, just 51% of upper-class families are paying higher taxes.

Just like his tax attack on Canada’s small businesses, Trudeau always goes after the middle class and working class, while leaving the elites unscathed. After all, Trudeau refuses to crackdown on tax loopholes used by the biggest corporations and offshore accounts.

This represents the total betrayal of the premise of Justin Trudeau’s entire supposedly pro-middle class election campaign, and it’s a total disgrace.

Read the full Fraser Institute report here

Spencer Fernando

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The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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jack grandville

Just another example of the mindset of the Liberals — lie, lie, lie and lie — they do not know what else to do. Every time the express themselves it becomes a lie once the reality is exposed to the light of day. As I grew up, anyone or any group that had such a record of lying would be banned from whatever group or organization to which they belonged. It now appears to be the ‘new and acceptable level’ of intentionally lying about every policy and/or plan they have — disgraceful.


Well said!


And that isn’t even including the carbon taxes. The economy will be soon going into a recession. No revenue generating pipelines, Bombardier will be laying off soon (Ireland Bombardier is even expecting thousands of layoffs after US +200% duties), NAFTA will be a Liberal disaster, and small business tax hikes! Yep, hang on to your wallets folks times are going to be tough. So much for the middle class.

AL Romaker

Please give us examples of Harper era taxes on families and Trudeau era taxes on families.


Perhaps you could click on the link to the full Fraser Report for gritty details and examples.


He just gave you a example.. If Trudeau has raised taxes 81% he must have raised them 81% from the previous tax burden which were the Harper taxes.. Only a Liberal Politician would think an 81% increase was actually a decrease from the previous taxes…

Randy Anthonycross

He’s gonna new a lot more Offshore money to get re-elected

General P. Malaise

why do you call it betrayal, anyone who didn’t know this is what justine would do is lying to themselves. he always said he would do the things he is doing. he is a white obama. they have telegraphed everything they intended to do.


Liberals and NDP are socialists, Trudeau will keep raising our taxes and spending our tax money foolishly until Canada is bankrupt. That is he’s plans, and then he will sell Canada to the highest bidder, and pocket the money, and put it in his foundation! Every corrupt politicians has a foundation, Obama, the Clinton’s! Only fools would think this parasite( Trudeau) would have Canada’s best interest at heart!