Pathetic UN Committee Calls Canada Racist, Trudeau Refuses To Defend Our Country

Globalist Trudeau is more worried about getting favour from the UN than he is in defending Canada’s honour.

As I recently reported, the pathetic United Nations “Human Rights” Committee (which includes Saudi Arabia), called Canada racist and said we should pay reparations for slavery.

They made the claim despite Canada not existing until after Britain abolished slavery and despite the Underground Railroad, where Canadians helped rescue thousands of slaves from the United States.

Yet, despite such a pathetic and disgraceful report, Justin Trudeau has refused to condemn the UN committee.

A true leader would defend Canada’s honour, and set the UN straight on Canada’s history saving the lives of slaves. While Canada – like any country – has had moments of racism, it’s simply wrong to say that Canada is a “racist country.”

Canada has probably done more than any other nation to confront our past and seek to make the future better for all Canadians, and the UN should have acknowledged that rather than defame our country with such a terrible report.

Trudeau should be out there fighting back against what the UN is saying, but instead he remains silent, letting a slander against our country go unanswered.

At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising if Trudeau ends up supporting the terrible UN report, and uses it to damage Canada’s image so he can virtue-signal as a “progressive saviour.”

It’s yet another sign that Trudeau doesn’t care about our country, and cares only about boosting his image with the globalist elites in the UN and other international institutions.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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It seems that Canada is losing on every level since this lib government took over. 2019 can’t come soon enough.


I agree, we have no leadership that we can respect Trudeau is a arrogant twit! So sad for Canada!


You are so right, Can’t wait for 2019 to throw out the garbage!

alan skelhorne

another piece of proof, that this lying piece of crap is anti-canadian. really, piss off back to quebec where you belong. oh wait a minute, you are not liked there either.when in the hell are people going to wake up in this country, allowing this complete idiot to get away with what he is doing. is there no canadians that can,t stand up to this piece of crap.


Great article! The United Nations Council on Human Rights is ill-placed to condemn Canada. I look at some of the countries sitting on the committee such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and they have taken no refugees in the last year or before. So who are they, to not only make false claims against Canada and to dare attack Canada in such an unscrupulous manner. Should we assume that they are the racists since they refuse entry to refugees into their countries. Diversity is certainly not a feature of their public policy. They cant even tolerate Christians, Buddhists in their own… Read more »


You might not agree with Mr Trump, but at least he cares for America not like our Trudeau, who hates Canada and the Canadian citizens! Trudeau only cares about his entitlement and his corrupt agenda! Trudeau is the worst mistake, in the history of Canada !


American Policy Center proposal:
The U.S. Congress holding a hearing on the UN to consider if our nation should end its membership. What if there were several experts to testify – detailing the dangers of the UN! Exposing how the UN is a massive fraud that forces its global agenda on nations; creates poverty and suffering in the world; and wastes billions of dollars every year as it gives power to dangerous despots and terrorists.


I absolutely agree, the U.N is a corrupt organization which I wish Canada had no part of, but we have a corrupt dictator who is a globalist.


Next Trudeau will take the knee during O’Canada. We are such a bad, bad, bad ……never been good……..nation! Or at least we should be poor, so higher taxes are the solution.

jack grandville

Trudeau has not, never did have and never will have any intention of ‘standing up for Canada.’ That reality is in his nature and was passed down by his daddy who also would not and could not bring himself to give any credit to Canada. “Birds of a feather.”


Trudeau doesn’t know HISTORY, nor anything else for that matter!
Fuddle Duddle PART II