SEXISM: Trudeau Liberals Disgracefully Quit Committee Meeting To Block Nomination Of Conservative Woman

It seems the Liberal fake “feminists” only support women in leadership roles when they conform to Trudeau’s worldview.

In an act of total hypocrisy, all Liberal members of the House Status of Women Committee walked out of a meeting today to block the nomination of Conservative Rachael Harder as chair of the committee.

They say it’s because of Harder’s pro-life views.

As noted by CTV, Liberal MP Pam Damoff said “The opposition leader chose someone who is not pro-choice, who has voted against rights for trans people in our country, and those are not views that the Liberal members of this committee can support as chair.”

By leaving the committee meeting, there weren’t enough people to vote on the nomination, meaning Rachael Harder was blocked from becoming committee chair.

The Conservatives have said they will stand behind Harder’s nomination – as they should.

Elitist sexism from the Trudeau Liberals

While Trudeau and his party call themselves feminists and claim to support women in leadership roles, it seems their support only extends to those who agree with them on everything.

They are ignorant of the fact that women in Canada are not a group with monolithic views. There are millions of Canadian women with pro-life views, and they deserve representation just as much as everyone else in our country. Rachael Harder’s constituents knew her views, and they elected her to serve and represent them in the House of Commons.

For the Liberals to say that she can’t lead a committee because of her views is a disgracefully sexist and elitist attitude, and it shows Trudeau only wants women in leadership roles that will serve his narrow political agenda – not actually represent the broad range of views in our country.

The Conservatives must keep pushing for Rachael Harder to lead the committee, and they must hold Trudeau and his government accountable for their sexist and elitist attitude.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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