Three Israelis Killed In Terrorist Attack, Gunman Shot Dead

An armed Palestinian man murdered two security guards and a military policeman before being shot dead by police.

A fourth person was seriously injured in the attack.

The attack – which received very little coverage in the mainstream media – was especially disturbing considering the terrorist attacker had an Israeli work permit – a process which entails significant security checks.

According to Reuters, “A police spokeswoman said the gunman approached Har Adar among a group of Palestinians who work at the settlement, and aroused the suspicion of guards at the entrance checkpoint. Challenged to halt, the Palestinian “opened his shirt, drew a pistol and fired at the security staff and troopers at close range,” the spokeswoman said.”

Israel’s security service has identified the man as Nimr Jamal, and said he had “severe personal and family issues, including domestic violence.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the attackers house will be demolished, and his relatives will have their work permits revoked.

The terrible attack is a reminder that the Israel – a rare example of democracy and freedom in an oppressive region of the world – remains at the forefront of the battle against terrorism. Israelis face a horrifically virulent and violent form of Antisemitism, where Israel is threatened and attacked by those who deny Israel’s right to even exist.

The western world must stand with Israel and support their right to defend themselves from violence and hate.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube