VIDEO: Why Is Trudeau Denying Middle Class The Tax Protections His Family Trust Enjoys?

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer exposes Trudeau’s empty rhetoric about “fairness,” pointing out that Trudeau’s millionaire family trust isn’t being impacted by his tax hikes.

As Trudeau tries – and fails – to defend his tax hikes on middle class Canadians, he’s desperately trying to tie himself to the idea of “fairness,” as if that will distract from his hypocrisy and dishonesty.

In Question Period, Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer exposed the emptiness of Trudeau’s rhetoric by asking why Trudeau’s family trust has tax protections the government is denying to the middle class.

Unsurprisngly, Trudeau had no good answer, instead running back to the safety of his “fairness” talking point. Watch the exchange below:


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Trudeau’s lie about the middle-class taxes

Not only did Trudeau refuse to answer the real question, his claim to have cut middle-class taxes has been proven false. A new report has shown that the majority of Canadian middle class families are paying higher taxes under the Trudeau government.

The lies just never seem to end.

Spencer Fernando


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