Cancel The Carbon Tax, Punish Polluters Instead

While big companies get a slap on the wrist for violating pollution laws, the elitist Trudeau government wants to punish all Canadians with a massive new tax which will do nothing to help the environment.

One of the worst things about the elitist establishment is their obsession with “new” things at the expense of what already exists.

We can see that particularly in how the environment is dealt with. The elites are always looking for a new tax, a new regulation, and a new “strategy” on the environment, rather than simply being tougher about enforcing laws already on the books.

We keep getting told that we need a carbon tax to “save the environment,” yet when it comes to the most tangible environment issue we face – pollution – the government is often pathetically weak.

For example, while the mayor of Montreal has been lecturing the Canadian oil industry, it turns out his city dumped 8 BILLION LITRES of raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence River. Other big cities make similar raw sewage dumps, yet politicians from those cities still lecture others as if their hands are clean.

Even worse, Canada’s application of existing punishments for the violation of pollution laws is incredibly weak compared to the United States (often incorrectly seen as a place free of pollution punishments).

In fact, a Florida fertilizer company was recently fined $2 billion for draining tailing ponds into an aquifer.

By comparison, the biggest punishment a company has ever faced in Canada for a pollution violation is $7.5 million.

Yet, instead of toughening up those punishments, the government is imposing a carbon tax that will damage our economy and rip more money out of our pockets.

Carbon tax scam

That’s how you can tell the carbon tax is a scam. It’s about revenue, not the environment. The balance between the economy and the environment is actually quite easy to find. Simply create good conditions for businesses that are following the laws and rules, and then impose tough punishments when companies break the law and illegally pollute Canada’s environment.

But that’s too simple for the elites, and it wouldn’t let them get the money they are so desperate to take from us.

So, rather than have a stronger approach to enforcing existing laws, we get a massive new tax.

Lucky us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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