CEO Of Delta Air Lines Calls Boeing Complaint Against Bombardier “Absurd”

He also doesn’t think the duties will actually be imposed.

Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta Air Lines, says the Boeing complaint against Bombardier was “absurd,” and doesn’t believe the U.S. government will actually end up imposing the duties against the company.

Bastian thinks it shouldn’t even be a government matter, saying “How this is somehow a U.S. trade dispute [is] bizarre.” 

Additionally, Bastian called Boeing’s claims the “ultimate hypocrisy,” likely referring to the fact that Boeing is massively subsidized.

Build up the military across Canada to strengthen Bombardier

One of the massive advantages Boeing has over Bombardier, is the fact that the US Military gives billions in contracts to Boeing.

This is something Canada should do with Bombardier. As one of Canada’s largest manufacturers – and a leader in aerospace technology – Bombardier would be well positioned to create jobs in every part of Canada through increasing military production of bases, aircraft, vehicles, weapons, and more.

This would ensure that government spending on the military stays within our country and creates jobs in our own country, as opposed to going to foreign companies in the U.S. or Europe.

Of course, that would require leaders who believe in Canadian economic nationalism, unlike the weak and foolish globalists we have now.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Hazelwood

I would agree with you Spencer except for one aspect. Bombardier is not a public company. It is privately run by an elitist Quebec family. They have scammed millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers without contributing one dollar to the Canadian economy. I believe this company should be left to drown in it’s own incompetence. Once they are gone like they should be then a real Canadian company can emerge as the rightful High Tech company Canada deserves. This is just my opinion and mine alone.

jack grandville

I tend to agree, sir — with one caveat — Bombardier should stay in business and be government mandated to aid our military in every way possible and on in a continuing basis. THAT , then, would make them valuable to our country and still ensure jobs for the personnel at the plant now.