PRIORITIES: Amid Canada’s Terrible Opioid Crisis, Government Gives Money Away To Foreign Countries

Not a cent of Canadian taxpayers money should go to foreign aid while our own citizens are suffering and dying. We must fix things at home first.

A new survey by Campaign Research reveals that one in four Canadians have been prescribed opioids in the past. The results come amid growing national concern about the opioid crisis, with a disturbing rise in opioid overdose deaths, and the dangerous mixing (often unknown to those consuming) of highly dangerous opiates such as fentanyl, with other drugs.

50% of Canadians want the government to declare the opioid crisis a national emergency.

That growing concern can be seen in the fact that a full 50% of Canadians want the federal government to declare the opioid crisis a national emergency, with just 25% saying that declaration is not necessary. The other quarter of respondents don’t know whether such a declaration should be made or not.

Government should focus on Canadians suffering across our country, not foreign aid

Across Canada, there is tremendous suffering and struggle being faced by many of our citizens. The rise in opioid use and opioid deaths speaks to a disturbing rise physical and mental anguish. It’s not something we can ignore, and it must be addressed.

As I’ve said many times before, it’s wrong for our government to be giving away foreign aid while our own citizens suffer. With a foreign aid budget between $6 – $10 billion every year, there is no excuse for the government not to be redirecting that money to helping our own people.

In fact, the Trudeau government just announced $45.3 million to Jordan (a country lead by a super-wealthy royal family). That $45.3 million could have gone a long way towards helping Canadians instead.

Bringing help to suffering Canadians will require an approach focused on local communities and local organizations, not centralized control. The many organizations – including many faith-based groups helping those with addictions – need more support, and that can easily be afforded by cutting foreign aid spending and directing it to those in our country who need help.

The opioid crisis is growing and taking the lives of many Canadians. Our leaders must listen to the Canadian people, declare it an emergency, and take strong action to address it. It’s a total disgrace that the government has money (taken from us taxpayers) to give away around the world, yet can’t help our own people. That must change.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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