VIDEO: House Erupts In Laughter After Trudeau’s Pathetic Spin On Access To Information Fail

“Raising the bar” on BS.

As the Trudeau government faces intense criticism after breaking their promise on Access to Information, the opposition has been shredding them for their lies. After all, Trudeau campaigned on a promise of a “new kind of politics,” pledging to be more “open” and “accountable” than the Harper government.

Millions of Canadians voted for Trudeau because of that promise, which has now been totally broken. In fact, it turns out that Trudeau has actually done worse than the Harper government when it comes to Access to Information. According to the Globe & Mail, “Canada’s access-to-information system has only gotten worse under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, and a new Liberal bill intended to fix the problems has “worrisome” elements, a new report has found.”

So, when Trudeau tried to claim that he “continued to raise the bar” on openness and transparency, the Opposition parties in the House of Commons weren’t having any of it. They responded to his lie with exactly what it deserved. Laughter. It even seemed one of Trudeau’s MPs was laughing a bit over his shoulder.

Watch the exchange below:

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If the Trudeau government wasn’t doing such damage to the country, this would all be funny. Through his continued attempts to deceive Canadians, Trudeau shows contempt for our country, and he shouldn’t be surprised when the opposition gives him contempt right back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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