FAIL: Trudeau Government Gets “F” Grade For Access To Information

The Trudeau government talks a big game about openness and transparency. It turns out, they’ve literally failed.

An independent audit of Canada’s Access to Information system under the Liberals has concluded that the system is worse than it was under the Harper government.

And while the Trudeau government tried blaming Harper (as usual) for the problem, the audit was specifically focused on how the system has “worked” while the Liberals have been in power. Says the report, “The Liberal government has a long way to go if it is to deliver on its promises of transparent government.” 

The audit gave the Liberals an “F” grade for disclosing information, and also criticized the government for not upholding their campaign promises in a new bill to reform the program. During the 2015 campaign, Trudeau promised to open the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Minister’s offices to the Access to Info Act, yet his new bill leaves out that promise. It’s yet another bait-and-switch.

Additionally, the Liberal government has been worse than the provinces at responding to access requests. In an interview, Fred Vallance-Jones – the report’s lead author – said, “I think ultimately Canadians deserve better than what they’re getting from their federal government when it comes to Access to Information.”

Once again, the Trudeau government lies and fails.

Spencer Fernando

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